Helicopter Mi-28nm Will Be Equipped With Russia’s Most Powerful Khrizantema Anti-tank Missiles

The Department of Machinery Manufacturing (KBM) belongs to Russia's Rostec State Group currently modernizing the missile 9m123m Khrizantema - one of the most powerful anti-tank missiles in the world and is expected to equip on helicopters Fight like Mi-28nm. "Rocket 9m123m Khrizantema is currently being upgraded," said KBM Chief Designer, Mr. Valery Kashin, and also added that there are no plans to upgrade anti-tank rocket generations before This is like 9M120 Ataka. Photo: Ruaviation9M123M Khrizantema is one of the most powerful anti-increased anti-rush missiles produced by Russia. This missile is now equipped on the Anti-Extract Systems Self-Trade Khrizantema-S and is expected to be equipped on combat helicopters, especially Mil Mi-28nm and Kamov KA-52M

. "This weapon Will be used on MI-28NM helicopter after testing weapons systems on helicopters ", Mr. Kashin said, 9m123 Khrizantema is designed to destroy armored vehicles, consecutive and structures The enemy's technical structure, the target on the water surface as well as low speed ./
Hoang Pham / VOV.vn (translation) according to Tass

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