Henry Luu Dien Hoa And Vuong Nguyen Song Ca, Stripping Emotions To Remember The House In ‘home’

Some of the lyrics of the new home song Do Vuong Nguyen and Liu donation of co-compositions. On August 18, the latest music work of Vuong Nguyen, Home was launched, at the same time, he also released MV CA segment. This is the first collaboration song between Vuong Nguyen and Henry Liu Donation, and is the last chapter in the wild summer album of Vuong Nguyen. Before that, Vuong Nguyen posted a video of the British scene and sailing At the same table on Weibo, this raised the curiosity of fans, creating a lively discussion and received a lot of praise.mv by Vuong Nguyen and led the mainstream, take the ground floor and The staircase creates space that feels separated

. In the first half of the song, two people are in the same time and space but without intersection, the sitting posture is a mirror is metaphor for lack of body Of modern people. During this self exploration, they kept checking themselves and communicating with each other. Some of the songs of the new home song by Vuong Nguyen and losing the co-composition
The two of them have experienced a life where the land of the countryside, so they can show the feeling of distance away from home with repeated questions.MV describes the familiar scenes of homeland, shown Being nostalgia hometown, looking forward to the day back to his homeland. The hometown is the starting point and is the source of strength when looking back, is warm and solid, supporting people in the face of the wind. Dynasty and fascinating with the voice of the two guys , stripped perfect fragility and strong in lyrics and music. The last chapter of the wild summer album, Vuong Nguyen has prepared too many surprises for fans, and waiting for everyone to explore .

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