Her Husband Of The Deliveries Died In The Us

Mr. Vo Van Sang (Sang Vo) - Husband Giao Giao Linh - goes suddenly in the US, life 80 years of age.0: 00/2: 30 NamThong believe Mr. Vo Van Sang passed away from female CA is a singer of Que Nuong, the transmission of the "late royal queen" revealed. Can share more about the sudden departure of the female husband? Singer Que Nuong: when he tries blood and fail , I talked to Ms

. Linh. Put the surgery, then surgery, he died. Before that, he was still living normally, walking it normally
Natural, he coal abdominal pain. I got the sister to guess the appendix. I comforted her: The appendix was okay, Health in the US was very good. Then he suddenly happened suddenly suddenly. How did you go to the martial artist? Singer Que Nuong: a tiny tumor in the liver. Operation is so smooth but after about a few hours, he goes there. He went around 15am on September 22 (US time) ie 5:00 on September 23 (Vietnam time). Husband of Giao Giao Linh (photo: singer Que Nuong supply) she is considered a female transmission Giao Linh? singer Que Nuong: I am the champion of the 2017 "singer hidden singer" program in 2017, of Vinh Long television station. I sing the same lottery. In love usually, she is close to the female name? Singer Que Nuong: I often go to the house to play with you
Can I reveal the love of my husband and wife? Singer Que Nuong: Oh my god, I love each other and marry together. Live together until now Now, a tens of years. Happiness. Happiness. She delivered and prepared to go to act as he was worried. You are very good, worried about A to Z. For example, I will prepare for dozens of long dresses , Ao Tuns sing for any song I scored on the sheet of paper, just follow it. I love you very much, taking care of her for every little bit. I'm very worried about her. I cried all my tears, worried Her health too, she is like losing an effective arm. Ca Que Nuong (Ao Dai U orange) duet with "sorrowful queen" (Photo: singer Que Nuong provided) Female Gemophilia will be quite late and without children with him to martial arts, right not? But the "melancholy queen" was loved by her own children? Singer Que Nuong: True, her own children, and very much. When he was in the country or before going abroad, she delivered to teach, told me meticulously. Humans of Her Giao Linh are very moral, everyone loves, not only their own children. Does any memories special to Mr. Sang Vo? Singer Que Nuong: The day he went to the ceremony to eat Happy 80 years ago, I still kept the image. He makes a day of birth with me, so two brothers make a common birthday. Can you reveal a little about your children to martial arts? Singer Que Nuong: her house Giao Linh in Canada. But his family and all children are in the US. His children are quite fake and successful. Ca and husband in life ordinary life (Photo: Internet) Dao Nguyen

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