Her Husband Was Seriously Critical, He Left Me The Entire Property Made Me Tremble Not To Dare To Get

Seeing me refused, I thought I injured my husband, so I pressed me to get that money. I and my husband married for 2 years now and still don't have a common child. But unfortunately, my husband is suffering from half this year and it is difficult to get over. Because of her husband and worrying about her husband, throughout my time, I quit my entire taking care of him. We haven't been taken over, but I will haven't given each other but I still have to be on the side? He went to the last day

. Maybe for touching against my sincerity so the day she had called me a confession. He had a savings book of 2 days of contributing from when he hadn't taken me yet, before still hiding unpublished. During his life, he always gave his wife and excess amount to heal him almost
Now he wanted to bring that 2 billion money to me. My parents also have of eating's eating, have pensions, you don't need to worry about them. Now I don't know what to do? (Artwork) I heard her husband revealed that bewildered. I trembled worriedly and panicked didn't dare to get. Seeing me refused, I think I love my husband, so I pressed me to get that money. He said it was the last gift he wanted to give me. But the reason I did not dare to get too much and suggest with her husband, because there was a secret still hiding him from loving each other until now. It was that I had a separate child, currently living with her grandmother in the name of my sister. I love each other, listening to my parents who never accept the boy who is a boy who makes girls Line, with your own child. His herself didn't want to take care of the children of another man
So I decided to hide not to reveal any words to you. I and my father did not marry, after I was born, the family announced with the outskirts it was my sister, so my husband didn't doubt. Now I don't know what to do? Receiving money, I saw it too much, because I deceived you all over the past time. Without receipt, later difficult. How should I be peaceful? (Please hide) according to ttvn.toquoc.vn

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