Here Is A Way To Make A Powder With A Very Good Anti-stick Pan, Everyone Can Do It Easily

The filter powder is also neglected to mold each, or banana leaf package. It turns out that just a non-stick pan also does the sisters! 0:00 / 2: 30 Nouthern regions of materials1. Cake shell: 150g powder, 180g filtered water, 150g boiling water, 1g salt, 50ml of cooking oil 2. PART: 100g Meat Shoulder, 100g Copper shrimp, 2 ears, 10g Huong Mushroom, 5 onions Dry, 10ml of cooking oil, seasoning seeds, pepper, main noodles, road 3. Cake coating tools: non-stick and lid, cutting board, or plane, oil broom to make a fueling powder with a non-stick powder with a dough The flour is energy into a European, for cold water to mix well, continue for boiling water to mix (more seal mixes)

. Leave the powder about 60'.2 Make the cake - dried onion peeled, minced. Mushrooms with early hatchery, washed and put on small grinding
- Shrimp cut off beards, sharp heads and shrimp legs, rinse, drain.- For 1/2 oil to dry into a non-aromatic , Continue adding incense, atrium, meat and spices into stir-fry. North out to cool. - Get ½ oil to eat into a pan, africa dry onion, give shrimp into the island for hunting, now add spices to the island for absorption, shrimp near nine for more sugar to color beautiful shrimp And the crisps more, the island is a bit more and then the north out to cool.3pha water tan 3 tablespoons fish sauce 2 tablespoons 1 tablespoon lemon juice 5 tablespoons water filter. Next for garlic, minced chili and pepper. Depending on the favorite sweetness of each family so you align the dotted water! 4 Bang cake - add a little salt powder and 20ml of cooking oil, mixed with mixed. At this time, the flour mixture will be stable.- Prepare a cutting board, use the remaining edible oil dots in the bowl, spreads on the cutting board to prevent sticky. - North pan on the kitchen, to small fire
When the pan is hot, scoop each powder into the middle of the pan (diameter of powder about 10cm). Close the lid of about 30s, since the powder moved in the color to hold the pan down to the cutting board. - wait for a little gear, stacking the meat, shrimp on the cake. Use a folded plastic wool, press the edges of the cake stick together. Go on until the end of the flour. Crush the gears that have cooled to the disc, decorated with green onions sprinkling the cake face and enjoying with sweet salty stomach, it's amazing. No different from steamed and boiled cakes, you try and feel! Wish you success with how to make a filter cake with this non-stick pan!

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