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People who report people newspapers since the liberation of the capital, in October 1954, there were more or less memories of the 'common roof' of the empty street, Hanoi. I own, through two working stages in the newspaper, come, go, and then come back, a total of nearly thirty years. For a long time, I pursue a wish to know the 'resume' the house that I am honored to come here to work after the South of the South Episode to the North.0: 00/4: 59 South Department of People's Repinia . Photo: Manhao "Hanoi in the first half of the 20th century" by Nguyen Van Uan (Hanoi Publisher, 1995) said: The West Bank of Ho Guom returned to the end of Germany (the second half of the 19th century) is the land of Old village: Bao Khanh, Pyramid, Nam Huong, Vu Thach, Priests

. When the French colonialists make the road around the lake, the villages must be moved elsewhere, the old ruins have been deleted almost all. Among those relics, Mr. Nghe Vu Tong Phan School District (1804 - 1862)
This is a famous school of Thang Long. Lost, students to mourn three years like their parents, make the church where Ho Dinh Temple to worship. Ho Dinh is the place where the People's Repinia is located today. Land of land, the colonial authorities built here many large buildings in which East Ocean bank headquarters, East Ocean bank house moved, dentist The East Ocean came closed, after the General Department of Post and Telecommunications and the General Department of Post and Telecommunications also moved. The people of Hanoi are familiar with this mansion district, which is a full-time vice because the two-storey villa is located close to the lake. Particularly for the party secretary, a position when necessary is appointed full of rights to wait for a replacement - but the full authority, every three years once. The final deputy head member stayed at 71 empty rows before 1945 was Göth. Therefore, it was always after many people also called this house as a Gö-chi-Ê village villas on March 9, 1945, there were two French and French military wees who commanded the French army here and were made by the Japanese The coup came to arrest imprisonment. Until the first weeks after the August 1945 revolution, this house was still managed by the Japanese. In September 1945, Japan spent the US OSS strategic intelligence group by Major L
A.Pat-Ty led to. Pat-ty was the one who met President Ho Chi Minh in Kunming before the August Revolution, and the new days to Hanoi, was invited by Uncle Ho listen to the draft Declaration of Independence written by him in 48 horizontal rows, Hanoi before announcing. Pat-Ty is a famous "Why Vietnam" publishes in the US in 1980, raising US mistakes to conduct war to aggression against Vietnam and suffered pathetic failure. It is allowed to pay some troops in the Northern Master 17 and out, according to the Agreement on March 6, 1946, the French commander MOOC-LI-E is closed here. On the night of December 19, 1946, the national resistance broke out, soldiers in self-defense were attacking 71 drums to kill the enemy. Sorry, when my troops pass the iron gate, the machine gun is clogged. On that opportunity, Mooc-Li-E flees. Self-defense throw the grenade according to the new year explosive. The car has run away, but a French senior officer sitting on the car was injured. When Lieutenant General Ms. Nhi was sent as a French commander in the North East Ocean, he came here and was guarded very well Be careful, have guards all day and night. People passing before the house 71 empty rows do not go close to the main gate but have to go to the other side. By the day I took over the capital, inside the main gate also had guard boots. Also here, Ms. Nhi has electrically given to the sand in Dien Bien Phu 'on the evacuation ". Implementing the Geneva Agreement 1954, before the French withdraw from the capital, a delegation of the government I am led by Mr. Tran Danh Tuyen, which has been held in Hanoi to meet with the French delegation to discuss the details of the French to hand over Hanoi to take over. The meeting to sign the above handover record took place in the house 71 empty row. October 14, 1954, Tan Tay People's Report on Hanoi, temporarily closed at Ton Hospital (part of the current friendship hospital). After about ten days, then moved to 71 empty rows. The number of people's newspapers was the first daily No. 241, October 20, 1954. Starting from No. 246, on Tuesday, October 26, on the clay-clay, clearly stated: "Leopard 71, empty goods, Hanoi". From when moving to 71 empty rows, so far, the agency is honored Being visited by Uncle Ho in the spring of 1957, and welcomed the leaders of the Party, the State visited and worked. The historic events said above, the house 71 empty rows were noticed by many trees multi. This is a multi-year tree standing between the capital next to Hoan Kiem Lake, very attractive to tourists at home and abroad. There are times, an international delegation is very important to visit Hanoi Ward, with police , suddenly turned into the people's newspard. It turned out that the Soviet Union saw a beautiful tree, turned into a moment and then walked right away. Previously face, on the right, left 71 empty goods with many works known as a cathedral, Ba Dan Pagoda, Temple of drums, the statue of King Le Thai To, beer celebrating Nguyen Du, Khiem Tri Tien Duc later is a unified club, AJS Newspaper Court (Amis de la Jeunessestudieuse - Newspaper you're studious young age Bao Khanh Street) ... with relics

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