H’hen Niyan Still Retains His Shape Thanks To This

Miss said in the season of how to eat a lot of things but still have a private practice.0: 00/1: 49nam southern / Miss H'hen regularly practicing every day at home.H'Hen floating Look for owning healthy, energetic, energetic skin. Also a standard body with impressive proportions and indicators. Thanks to the hard work practitioners she always admired with a beautiful, firm and excess fat is very few

. The way of stretching, Miss Dinh also actively holds the shape by practicing at home with articles Episode effects on muscle parts and fat burning as much as possible. At home workout is not easy but trying to have a good health, a happy spirit is very important in the days of stressful social ways of this stressful society. Born in 1992 also said, when you are Which does not like sports practice Let's take a lot of home things, don't lie too much or click on the phone will make the body easier to fat, tired
Hoa H'Hen nai also gains weight but she still gains the episodes Strict control does not allow too much weight to gain too much to eat a lot but also mobilize quite a lot. Making a volunteer against the epidemic is also a way for her to mobilize like walking, holding ... Time to take time to train the shape at home.H'Hen Know that she eats a lot but also tries to practice a lot. Sharing the way to keep the way to stretch the way: "At home to eat a lot, sit or lie also More than before, the abdomen will accumulate significant fat. The above abdomen and the lower abdomen are the two parts of Hen, focusing on these days, with belly movements, tightening muscles in this section to maintain a slim and toned waist. Especially the lower abdomen is difficult to flee fat, so you persistently practice when moving me to be relieved and healthier in the person. In addition to the hen still keep the practice schedule with small self-purchasing tools also Cardio exercises in the house, still walking and moving in the house, working houses to mobilize and burn excess energy
Being able to volunteer like gifts, heavy powers or vaccinations that help everyone I don't worry about because of a lot of movement, ran to the sweating to flock much to be healthy and agile More than always. Drinking, hen eat more but also know the limit, for example, the time does not eat more than 8pm, do not eat much starch, do not drink much fresh water, although gaining weight but not Or excess fat too much. People also try to sleep enough, don't stay up late too badly because the body takes time to rest to regain energy as well as eliminate toxic substances from the body ". Hau H'Hen NI The symbol of the charming beauty from the body to the gods.Body standard does not need to edit through the software.H'Hen is admired by many sisters and often ask her to share the secret to keeping the shape on the social network. Close-up of H'Hen's body when she is a candidate of Miss Universe Vietnam 2017. And this is a shape when she is true Miss Universe and shock internationally when it reaches the most beautiful beauties. Jay

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