H’hen Nuisherine With Cold Rice

Take a volunteer, causing H'Hen to face acne, darkness. She looks to natural ingredients for skin care 09: 00/2: 50 Nam in the time of social interpretation, H'Hen regularly shares skin care habits with natural ingredients. Sharing with Zing, she said: "I'm heating your skin with cold rice and also learned some more secrets, suitable for yourself to get better skin" in place. Familiar skin care with eggs, cucumbers. During the isolation, she realized that spending time with positive things to help themselves are not boring

. The skin is spoiled, to know the habit of charitable work, causing skin with acne and being darkened Go see. Therefore, she began to take care of thoroughly compared to the regular time. Recently, H'Hen Nie is using a cold rice mask
The reduced rice from the meal is leverable. In the time at home, H'Hen often nourishes with natural ingredients. Photo: @ hhennie.official. "I used 1-2 spoon cold rice with fresh milk without sugar for a few minutes and crushed to easily apply to the skin. Leave 10-15 minutes and rinse the face with warm water", H'Hen nai said that these methods were learned by her on the Internet and followed. When there are results, H'Hen new shares with everyone. She said she must choose very carefully because there are many inappropriate methods that cause allergy or acne skin. For the use of beauty methods from nature, H'Hen respects the raw material Suitable with skin. When she first started, she used a little to avoid too much impact on the skin
After several tests and saw it effective, H'Hen nai began to apply a lot, more often to achieve high efficiency. Hair in eggs, honey with skin care habits with natural raw materials, h ' Hen Ni realizes the diet and living with a large effect on physique or skin. In it, she attached importance to sleep factor. Seeing the preferences of eating fruits, especially growers to help the skin better. In addition, H'Hen nai rarely eat too fat or sweet. This will affect the skin and weight as well as the amount of sugar in the body. She realized that the amount of sugar from the health benefit skin healthy skin.H'Hen always turned itself to positive habits, good for the skin during a way of stretching. Photo: @ Hhennie.Official.In the time at home, H'Hen always directs itself to positive things. She created a habit of exercising, volunting, cooking and watching positive films. For her, these habits help themselves are not lonely at home, more dynamic. Another habit helps H'Hen to take care of herself better than hair or honey. After a long time applied, she saw healthy hair and did not break like before. Sometimes, she will makeup when you need to exchange online with fans. H'Hen nai said home long ago made the makeup was about to run out. She replaced with some homemade items from fruits. Also, H'Hen Ni still pays attention to preserving physique. "At this point I noticed the full eating to provide nutrients to the body, with the best resistance," she said. Song with full eating habits, H'Hen Get up early to practice. Also, she avoided dinner too late. H'Hen noticed that this makes it easy to have fat in the body, making physique less firm .Baby Help Irina Shayk Corset dresses with 5,000 Irina Shayk design flowers at Met Gala 2021 Ton shape with part corset. Besides, the house needs 6 people to attach the flowers to the skirt.

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