Hidden Hidden Stories In The South Against Epidemic

My husband is a doctor, only a few minutes, he and the hospital delegation will take a flight in the South to assist the people in which epidemic protections.0: 00/3: 28 live domain illustration. Feeling the most annoying, that's the hidden, I'm hidden in the south. That meal, his friend chat asked: "Mr. Hoang Anh entered Ho Chi Minh City to prevent translation?", I suddenly: "Where is it?", It said: "I see on Facebook with him Along with the doctors are being held a haircut on the campus of the hospital to prepare for the business trip

. "I was silent because of unexpectedly ..
the hospital's mission has 10 doctors, 40 nurses and 3 technicians will participate in treatment for people in Ho Chi Minh City at the Panic Hospital. They are preparing to private, haircut and the other day will make a military ceremony. I'm angry, click on the phone and scold you. For what excuses he or she must decisively in the south while the epidemic situation is extremely complicated. Then the coming days, how will I manage with two kids? Don't you feel me? Let go down, I sat crying. Wearing someone told me I was selfish, it was small, but I believe that, in my situation, no woman is pleased to work on a dangerous place. I suddenly realized, I was about to Reverse for my business trip for a long time, just I didn't recognize it. A few months ago, he told me to learn to drive cars, wearing me always feeling stressed every time I sit behind the steering wheel. But he advised: "I just learned, what kind of skills in life is good." It turned out, he knew that, there was a time when I had to drive themselves to shuttle 2 small children when he was away from home
The more I thought it was as annoyed because he deliberately hid his "intentions" to me. Thinking was angry so he also found every excuse to "make harmony". He went to the supermarket and entered the kitchen to cook the dishes I like. He fixed the bathroom door with Long out. You guide the big guy to study multiplication tables, division tables and appointments "On the three days, do you have to belong to it, listen?" The youngest baby seemed to worry by him when she took the first steps in life. So he earned the rubber pieces to cover the corners, the edge of the object in the house, leaving unfortunately the youngest youngest, he also supported "first". After I finished, I told my big guy again: "At home, I have to look like you help me. Three go on work will have a gift!" Three sleep peacefully, I saw me again. *** Because I wanted to see a distance, I actively asked to drive him to the airport. "Your wife drove" silk "really, now he just sat auxiliary seats" - he had an excuse to reconcile with his wife to be silent. Those, he took my hand to say: "I know, I It will be struggling with small floods. But the brothers are in writing epidemics, there are people who die without returning to the mourning, he doesn't mind standing out of this war ... ". I'm angry, so Learning together since level 2 years, greater together, mature and elderly together, so I am a person who understands him more. His family has a massive property so three mothers only hope you attend the economic sector, to go to connecting her parents to manage the industry. But he still definitely submit the exam for medical school with the wish, will become a healing doctor to save people. Later, during my wedding, my mother told me, "I took it, it was suffered its stubborn. But it was kind and kind and kind!" We were together 20 birthdays Then and only 3 days to come to British birthday. This year will be a special birthday, when he will be busy in the field hospital and 3 mother my mother blows the candle to celebrate his birthday in the distance. I have to go to the waiting room, I have to turn my face To hide the emotions are rising in me. I texted you: "Healthy! You and I are always with you" .mai gold

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