Hien Hien Wife Gave Birth To The Third Birthday, Massage Solar

After months of viewing, Hieu Hien and the family welcomed the new member. On the evening of August 17, Hieu Hien actor was extremely pleased to announce that all the people of the British commune came to the 3rd "Mother Round square ", despite many difficulties. Specifically, on his personal page, Hieu Hien is happy to share:" I thank God, I thank you grandparents, I thank my parents Households for 2 mother children give birth to success. "When posting, the article said that the hard news of actors suddenly wanted to cry quickly to attract the attention of numerous netizens. Everyone sent congratulations to England and his family

. In particular, Vietnamese artists such as Truong Quynh Anh, Luong The Thanh, Thu Thuy and Huuzhou artist also sent Hieu Hien congratulations there was a new member.N before that, on the evening of August 16, on the fish page His Nhan, Hieu Hien also updated the image of bringing his wife and gave birth in the middle of heavy rain. Before the above situation, the actor expressed anxiety: "Going to the rain, but the rain doesn't see the road is always as a
Maybe for some people to peace safely." Soon, the series of Vietnamese stars such as Tang Thanh Ha, Snail Thanh Van, MC Quyen Linh came to leave a message to the peaceful message to Mother Thuy Tien - Ms. Hieu Hien commune. Hien Hien and Thieu Hien and Thuy Lien married in late 2010 . After 11 years of life, the couple is still very happy, he often shared the love images like the lovers of the two spouses. Her baby owns the same appearance. In particular, Panda is now 9 years old and Miranda daughter is 6 years old.Kelly (Photo: General)

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