Hieu Pc Tung Chatbot ‘anti-fraud’ Right On Messenger, Users Can Identify Unsafe Websites Within 5s!

The efforts of PC Hieu and colleagues in anti-fraud efforts on the Internet environment are devoted by the Internet community! belongs to the recent network community. Although he returned to Vietnam for a long time, he had been contributing to his network security system with an anti-fraud site. At the same time, he is also working at the National Space Safety Monitoring Center (NCSC). New, Hieu PC announced a good news with many Facebook users in Vietnam to limit the scaly on Many current fake websites. Specifically, Hieu PC said, he and his colleagues has developed a chatbot feature on the Fanpage page of the anti-fraud group

. Facebook User Now moans Facebook Messenger can search "ChongLuadao.vn" and live chat (Automatic chat box) - To check the safety, reputation of a website right on your phone. Facebook User Now whether Facebook Messenger can search "ChongLuadao
vn" and live chat test Extremely simple, just hit the domain of the page you need to check, Chatbot will automatically answer you to know the prestige or safety of that website. This will help you know a lot of unsafe websites when fake banks, forged brands to hack facebook ... Extremely simple checksWebsite forging Shopee at this chatbot feature is still in the stage Good to be increasingly accurate and more useful. However, with what in the current Vietnamese community community is extremely "appreciated" before the effort for the community of Hieu PC and his colleagues. The response of the Vietnam network community

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