Hint Of 14 Delicious Vegetarian Rice Trays, Beautiful

With raw materials such as vegetables, tofu, mushrooms, you can completely turn into a lot of delicious dishes.0: 00/3: 29 NAM NAMAY frequently changed dishes to attractive, more delicious meals . Vegetarians do not mean boredom and monotony. With raw materials such as vegetables, tofu, mushrooms, you can completely turn into many delicious dishes.Zing suggestions for you 14 vegetarian rice trays to pick up during social interrogation

. Fruits. Sicks: Abalone, Chicken Drumsticks, Metal. Jars: Should buy white beans for safe hygiene and easier to process more
Position: Seasoning vegetables, salt, yellow sugar, soy sauce, vegetarian fish sauce. Dry material: Dry mushrooms, vegetarian dried mushrooms, seaweed pieces, crispy fried powder, chao, kimcho, black sesame, white sesame, peanuts to decorate meals and contribute additional Nutrition. These are familiar common foods so we can buy in a convenient market, grocery or supermarket. Food preservationRau fruit stripped when putting in the refrigerator cooler should classify, let it remove Vegetable parts are deep, oh. Leave drain vegetables. Vegetables are so rinse when leaving the refrigerator because of the inheritance of humidity. Western, amaranth, pumpkin just preserved in a cool place, not to put in the refrigerator. The inappropriate temperature will make them fast damaged. Where can vegetables use, buy it to keep the nutrients fully. Mushrooms should be stored in the refrigerator cooler to prevent moldy mushrooms
Soak with salt water or for little flour to wash the mushroom when processing. Beans to enter the box for water flooded, remove salt and cover the lid to the refrigerator 1-2 days. Replace new water when older water is cloudy. This helps preserve tofu for 1 week. Dry material and spices should be in a cool place, stored in a closed container, avoiding direct sun contact. Chao and Kim Chi open the box and should leave the refrigerator to prevent cool. Some experiences when entering the kitchen: Boiling green vegetables: Little salt into the water will make green and brittle vegetables more. The best vegetable boiled time is about 3-5 minutes, vegetables and vegetables. Boiled over ripe vegetables will lose vitamins. Boiled water can be used to cook soup. Low tofu: Little salt into a boiling oil pan, then remove beans in the sheep are 2 sides. Formal sauce is suitable for both fried, boiled material: 2 small chili, 3 Gear, 1 teaspoon salt, 2.5 teaspoons of sugar. Chili and salt at the same time for puree, put in the cup. Cut 2 sprouts to separate the nuts and put the road to stir again . Cut 1 shot into thin slices into the cup of water dot.14 Vegetarian rice rice 1: Salad vertical shot of tortola sauce Tomato sauce Chieu 2: Poly fried flank, boiler, boiler, boiled vegetables 3: Coffee salad sour roof fried seaweed jar of fried seaweed peanuts soybeam soybeam soybeam 4: cold cotton stir-fried with eastern peanuts of peanuts 5: fried fried beans with a bumper rim bumping mushroom Mushroom 6: pumpkin Stirea-stir-fry astery of eastern fried mushrooms Fried peanuts 7: Chicken thigh mushrooms Soybeans Fried soybeans Chukhoai boiler 8: Salad beans and beans Am sharp (squash, potatoes, carrots) 9: Garlic chickens vietnam bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo 10: Sepeal fried eukes in green fried green leaves Cabbage tan nostalgins 11: Tofu fragrant warehouse Flake tofu 12: Beans Ms. Beans Missing Lemon Fever Beans Pumpkin Seaweed 13: Corn Ram Seaweed with Crispy Powder Crispy Reary Spoon Chicanh Chicanh Ca Bung 14: Stir-fried bamboo bamboo crispy crispy lemon fever

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