Hire A Herd Of Pigs To Prevent Birds Approaching The Airport, The Dutch Government’s Country Promises To Bring Unexpected Results

The 4-foot animals with an interesting way have been effective in preventing birds flying into the aircraft engine, a worry of stalking accidents in the airline industry.In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Pigs have recently been used to limit birds flying near the airport area. And not only pigs, about 20 animals specialized in farms were used to chase big birds in the area around Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam. This test project was conducted in September To find out if the pigs can help drive the birds from the planes or not. For a long time, the birds have been a danger to airports and aircraft because they can cause significant damage if they are sucked into the aircraft engine

. They can also ruin the outer shell of the plane, cause an accident and harm passengers. Pigs are provided by Buitengewone Varkens, a small breeding company specializing in animal animals outdoors. Schiphol Airport has approached the company and asked whether the pigs could come to the excess food of the crop, which attracted goose and other birds
"The first benefit was pigs to help make this area Less attractions for birds by removing food sources, "said Stan Gloudemans, the company owner said. "The more realistic benefits are more realistic, the pigs will also try to catch the beans like to rest on the empty areas of the airport." Of course, no one expects the pigs to move fast enough to Really caught geese, but their efforts mean they will act as lives live and make birds scared, follow Mr. Gloudemans. Pigs will be grazed on a land between two runways , where has recently been grown and harvested sugar beets. The activity of birds in the area to raise pigs will be compared to the plot without pigs. If you don't know, Schiphol is the main international airport of the Netherlands, and is one of the largest traffic centers in Chau Europe. This is the third busy airport in Europe, after London Heathrow and Paris Charles de Gaulle. The 6-week test project has ended the first week of November, according to the report from the airport representative Willemeike Koster. Mr
Koster said that the project has "provided a lot of information" and the collected data will be checked in the coming months. And a decision on using long-term pigs is expected to be given early next year. Share with CNN, he also said that by 2020, the airport witnessed about 150 attacks of the children. bird. Birds tend to cause serious danger to the plane when sucked into the engine. Schiphol airport is also taking other measures to keep the birds away from the plane. For example, 20 bird control stations have been set up to track bird activity at the airport. These control stations play a role in keeping the birds away from the area at all times both night and day, by ways Use special sounds and laser beams. Other measures are also applied, such as using special grasses to make the area "look not attractive to birds" .Tham, CNN, Bi

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