His Husband Opened The Safe To Get Money For Girls, His Wife Smirked To Say A Sentence That Made His Life Tamper

Van is always proud to show off with friends who are very good and psychologists so everyone is jealous. But then finally the husband also forgives, knows outside the couple with another girl. Naturally don't know anything for a long time. Londent Londen outside is very discreet, he is good at showing the edge, so he comes home to become a man of the family with a wife, loves his child .

.. when there is a person, Luan also loves his life and cares about his mother and son More. Other affairs before a lot, treating the romantic rangers to distract his wife
Van sold semi-suspected credit, also tried to explore her husband but he said: - Do you learn how to heat your husband and wife on the network so I can't. I don't like it .- It's okay, I'm not familiar. But, the truth you passed with another woman outside of more than 1 year. Points of interest, care is just to cover the wife's eyes. Until that he was unknowingly read the smell messages of the two in the phone he to forget in the bathroom, he came back together. Learn the phone to call her husband and um up. Being questioned by her, he did not deny, frankly confessed everything. He said to marry her because of her pity, and when she dated each other, he had never had to marry. When he was a spouse, he only completed the responsibility, did not see happiness when he was on the side of Van
Luan pursued the receptionist staff in a hotel. They paired for more than a year, but Van did not know. The sweet and sweet messages he used to give to the previous he sent to others. He even promised enough roads, saying she was a person who made him want to stick for their lifetime. Now there is no break. She kept sitting on the Spirit, I didn't pay attention to her husband's changes. She rushed to earn money and take care of her family and forgot myself, forgetting to have a love of love with 2 people. It also reminded her without hugging her work, told him to share with him, let him work together. But Van Just smiled, she said that he also had more important things, sundries, only a little time to finish. Everyone admires him because he has a wife and children and just like a new boy, the game is also present and not being wiped out. Now of husbands with a blow into themselves like that, Van new is awake. She only gritted his teeth alone: "You should have taken care of me, I have to respond to my sacrifice. Dang now, do you love me so badly? "Van has texted with her husband to see her, asking her to let go of her husband. She even brought with all money. She didn't say anything, holding the amount of money to put it in the bag and left. The next day, when from the company took a house, rotating the voice to call Van: "Going to my room!". When he had just entered, he should have been mad and she had to throw it right into the Van and said: - She took this money and went to buy another husband. She doesn't need her money to have sent it back. Now she applies it, we divorce. - Don't do um up, I tried not to jealous. I saw her just like his money, so I gave to free him. - You then deal with money. She didn't have to worry. Let me say that let you know, I don't want to take you. At she kept wearing me forever. Now give up, definitely! (Artwork) is stunned by her husband's words. Isn't it because he pursued her for 3 years of college and several years of doing that? The more bitter thought, the more and more and cold, shut up. You don't need Van U's money? So from there, the two still live a house, but money is not common as before. In any month Van also collected half of his salary. Before the savings in the safe is mainly from Van's trade to enter. The hand is taken out to go to go to go, go to the Board. Now Van does not leave any further in it. He opened an empty shop, only quietly squeezing, less pepper. Only the salary but was half trimmed, while she spaned money like breaking. Seeing his wallet every day as smooth, the power of him in his eyes also fell and saw it. Today's this night, Leave Lee Leave, the face of the sad nose, fleeting. He asked Van: - Why did she reduce my salary - it was child support. Not that he said he would take care of the stars. Leave the pity to go to the room. Van grinding teeth: "To see if you run out of money, any child wears no". She has no mercilessly after 2 months. The one should be true like Van said, just his money. That night, saw Lan to the number of numbers to open a safe. Van stood behind the jaw: - I'm crazy but to make money in it, in this pants. He kept going to the room. Tonight, out of money, cash, he stayed at home, but his wife was about to divorce it ... after many years of the last life Luan also turned white, returning to a round 0 round. (Justice

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