Hit Hearing Afghanistan, Secretary Of State Blinken Shall Be Responsible For Its Predecessor

Mr. Blinken on September 13 (Washington now) continued to protect the decision to withdraw the entire US military from Afghanistan, and told the former government of the President Donald Trump because of the lack of preparation and without withdrawal plans The Specific Military. American Chief Antony Blinken on September 13 spoke up the decision to withdraw the entire US military from Afghanistan of President Joe Biden's government as well as his agency handling evacuation missions Chaos. Specifically, at the Hearing of the Foreign Relations Commission, Secretary of State Blinken responded to criticism of withdrawal from Afghanistan. At the same time, he rejected the accusation of the United States Ministry of Foreign Affairs so he could do more to help American citizens and Afghanistan evacuation

. Chief Antony Blinken. Photo: CNNong Blinken shall be responsible for the former President Donald Trump government because of the lack of preparation and no specific military withdrawal plans. He repeatedly noted that the predecessor negotiated an agreement with the Taliban and the President Biden government did not consider the negotiations again
"No evidence does not show the US military to stay Longer will help Afghan security force or Afghan government become more resilient or independent, "said Foreign Minister Blinken." We acknowledge the deadline for withdrawing troops, not all plans. Even so, We have planned and made a series of reserve plans. The evacuation itself is an extraordinary effort of diplomats, military and intelligence experts, in the most difficult conditions to think coming, "Blinken added. United States at a guard key at Kabul airport on August 20. Photo: AFPTheo plans, after a hearing before the Foreign Relations Commission, Mr. Blinken will present the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee on September 14. He was the first official of the Biden Presidential Government to publicly publicly before the American legislators since the Taliban gained control of Afghanistan. It was known, evening 15/8, less than a day after the start of the surrounding The capital of the capital has entered Kabul without any resistance from the government force. This force conducted a military campaign and accounted for the majority of Afghan territory as soon as the United States and the Allied withdrew most of the forces from Afghanistan
President Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani on the plane leaving Kabul and abroad On August 15, while many government officials evacuated to the Panjshir resistance valley. Action rushed to evacuate when the Taliban advanced into the capital Kabul made Ghani with the old government criticized and did not fight for the country. So far, Democrats still expressed concern about Americans and Afghan people are at risk still in Afghanistan. However, they support decisions to withdraw troops after two decades of intervene in Afghanistan.Hà Linh (TH)

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