Hit The ‘super Enemy’ ‘armpit’ With Only 1,000 Vnd

Underarm is the biggest obsession of people every summer, many people afraid to treatment by methods of modern technology due to high cost. Rest assured as only 1,000 dong you can dispel stubborn pirates nay.0: 00/4: domain 36Nu NamNoi haunt called 'inflammatory canh'PGS.TS Le Huu Doanh - Deputy Director of Hospital Central willow said underarm is fairly common disease, many people with phai.Benh increased sweating armpit area (also known as underarm, invoking na "inflammatory wing") is a relatively common disease

. Disease but not affect health, but affect the activities, obstacles in communication tiep.Theo doctors, the human body has two types of sweat glands. Sweat glands often (about 2-3 million online) distributed across the surface of the skin and most palms feet, scalp and around the abdomen, back
.., which functions to regulate body temperature. Sweat secreted from the gland completely without causing major mui.Con sweat glands (sweat glands or mucous) in the armpits, genital area, just start development from puberty, active in reproductive age and decreased activity when older. Sweat external mucous components like sweat often also more glycogen, cholesterol.Tri underarm using natural methods with only 1,000 dong. Artwork "Hospital underarm cause much trouble, affecting the quality of life for so many people looking to cure for smelly armpits but not methods are also experts recommend using. Even if not alert the patient to fall in the sight of money on quack. Thus, to the medical facility, dermatology centers reputed to be the veterinarian and treat the disease underarm is recommended by experts "Sales promotion Assoc cao
Dung deodorant to prevent underarm odor harm anything? deodorant help curb sweating in the underarm skin, help reduce odor and keep this skin always dry so confident all day long advocacy. However, the abuse of the deodorant can cause many problems in terms of aesthetics and health: A lot of people do not know, some products deodorant containing these toxic chemicals such as aluminum chloride and triclosan can adversely affect health if you use it often xuyen.Voi those who have sensitive skin with the chemical composition of deodorant allergies, the risk is very high. Deodorants can also cause bacterial infections and fungi or tumors, cysts under his arm. Mushrooms in the armpit is caused by an infection, it makes the patient feel hot, itchy under nach.Nhieu people do not know that abuse deodorant makes skin pores under sealable long gradually will cause arthritis pores and many other disease risk science hiem.Tuy no final conclusion on this, but the researchers say that breast cancer can increase dramatically or double the risk breast cancer with the use of the best deodorant dinh.Chua "inflammatory wing" with just 1,000 dongToi and alcohol: Preparation: - 2-3 cloves garlic, peeled fresh washed 1/2 cup rice wine for Vo chenVe born in the armpit with rice wine clean: use cotton dipped into alcohol and then stop and remove all light around the armpit area about 5 minutes. Then rinse with water. The aim is to remove dirt quickly create understanding for the mortar thoang.Toi pound fresh juiced. Apply to the armpits with gentle circular movements. Natural treatment of underarm apply before going to bed and washed again this morning dangGan sau.Muop a study by the scientists also found in bitter melon, also known as bitter gourd contains ingredients drugs can reduce weight, reduce blood sugar very effectively, making bitter melon bitter famous ancient suddenly become a best-selling vegetables in the market. Besides, it also has a utility that will surely make you a surprise, that's the way with bitter melon underarm treatment eliminates odors on the body is very qua.Cach do: Bitter melon puree bring leach aggregate, then apply the juice of this (or perhaps more residue cover) to armpit within 20-30 minutes, then rinse with water sach.Gung armpit and muoiCach do: - Cleaning sach.- Get real armpit juice ginger mixed with little salt and then apply this mixture on 2 armpit, combined with gentle massage movements for about 30 minutes, then rinse with water sach.- for quick results, you should perform regular each underarm trangTri ngay.Cu improved by fairly simple white radish that are inexpensive, effective cao.Cach use: Take 100ml of white radish juice poured into the tub and soak in approximately 20-30 minutes. odor will disappear completely if you persevere applied 2 times per tuan.Bot ngoBot corn have a great effect in the hood and deodorant. Just use a little sprinkle cornmeal on 2 sides armpit will quickly absorb odors. With a gentle aroma of corn will stay on your skin. You should use corn flour daily to the great efficiency of powder nhat.Baking sodaThanh part baking soda works smoking

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