Ho Chi Minh City Allows Selling Food To Take Away: Hiu Shop, Shop Owner

Although it was allowed to bring sales to bring, but stores in Ho Chi Minh City are still very difficult, in the trading stage of 200:00 / 1: 29 nam 0000: 00/04: 04 is allowed to open the door , selling activities took away, but from September 9 to now, many shops in Ho Chi Minh City are still "the door is installed". One thing that is easy to see, store owners are still pristinated by regulations that are re-activated for sales. According to businesses, still need a lot of time to realize the food industry to return to the condition Current difficulties. Not only big strings, even small catering services also want to sell it but are not easy in the context of "lack of all kinds". With many goods, raw material costs Increasing, difficult transportation is also the cause of the current situation: "Vegetable prices, fresh raw materials have increased very highly, importing goods and sold not out of the hole and not single Simple

. Experimental costs are about 200,000 VND / time, each with a little extra is also expensive, so the economic problem is ineffective now, more risk of epidemic "- a shopkeeper at Ba Chieu market. Recognizing along the previous roads with many goods such as Van Kiep, Bui Dinh Tuy, Le Van Duyet (Binh Thanh District), Phan Xich Long (Phu Nhuan District), Song Hanh Street, Nguyen Duy Trinh (TP Thu Duc) .
. The majority of large restaurants have not been opened, preparing to re-operate. In addition, for too high delivery fee (doubling, 3) Money for food also causes many guests Clams can be taken for a while, the food trafficking scene is only on the purchase as possible to be crowded, stable!

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