Ho Chi Minh City Command Information On The Driver Carrying The Body To Ben Tre

According to Colonel Nguyen Tuan Bao, through the testimony of the driver as well as the information from the cremator, only 36 bodies are transported from Ho Chi Minh City to Ben Tre, not 46.0: 00/3: 32 South regulation results Initial investigation of 46 bodies from Ho Chi Minh City to Ben Tre is the information of Colonel Nguyen Tuan Bao, deputy head of the Ho Chi Minh City Command, exchanging at the press conference in the afternoon of 19 / 8.Qu. The driver of Le Phuc Hau driver is provided by Tra Vinh Department of Transport and Transportation to prioritize the transportation of food breeds. This car has carrying 36 bodies in 2 days with 2 trips from Ho Chi Minh City to the cremation house of Pharmacy

. This creditor is managed by Phu Hung Vien Investment Joint Stock Company. "There are 10 competitions, the cremator in Ben Tre confirmed that no, the post-post-drivers have 36 corpses. 10 cases ", the representative of Ho Chi Minh City Commander said that the driver of the driver has violated the Ministry of Health regulations on guidance on the prevention and control of SARS-COV-2 infection in the examination facility Healing; Violation of the Government's Regulation No
117 on September 28, 2020 on administrative sanctions in the field of health, failing to comply with regulations on transporting the body of infectious diseases. "Moving the body Many areas have potentially spread in the very large community. With strict inspection quites, the driver can take advantage of green flow priorities to carry the body. The authorities will investigate clarification And handling criminal liability, "Mr. Bao stressed. The representative of Ho Chi Minh City Command expressed sharing with the family with a relative loss by Covid-19, looking forward to bringing a relative to cremate to Chu The whole of the Ho Chi Minh Commander is assigned to coordinate the treatment of the Coven-19 Coven-19, Coven-19 patients in the area. The press conference, Zing questioned the procedure of Ho Chi Minh City What tested from the incident. Colonel Bao said that after the incident, Ho Chi Minh City Commander advised the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, People's Committee of TP 3 contents. The most important is to propose the Government to direct the provinces and cities to support Ho Chi Minh City burial deaths (without Covid-19) to reduce the load. Monday is to direct the departments, departments and branches to strictly operate the operation of the burial establishments and hospitals promptly handle Cases to transport deaths by Covid-19 are wrong, violate the work prevention and control
Fasteners to tighten control of vehicles, do not leave the wrong crops. Finally, the commander of the city proposes to direct propaganda for people to be peace of mind, trust the post-security warranty The person who dies caused by Covid-19, avoids people who are worried, resulting in bad people, profit, violating regulations on prevention and control of epidemic. Before, on August 16, Ben Tre Provincial Police Working with Driver Le Phuc Hau (28 years old, living in Vinh Long) to investigate this man carrying 46 corpses from Ho Chi Minh City about Pharmacy Crematorium in Phu Hung Commune, Ben Tre City. Ben Tre Province Tran Ngoc Tam said in 46 deaths, 41 cases of Covid-19. The driver takes advantage of the truck with a green stream registration code to pass the Covid-19 controls. Rear a lot of trips, from the morning of August 15, but to 0h30 on August 16, the new authorities discovered. After receiving information about the incident, Ho Chi Minh City Commander said it would work together Functional agencies investigate and handle strictly according to regulations. Last time, Ho Chi Minh City Command Department mobilized 140 soldiers, organized a coordinated forces to handle coven-19 Death in the city, including 7 city-level teams and districts, district, and the force of the City Command Ministry to ensure security and coordination at the center of Binh Hung cremation Harmony; Organizing the transportation and handover of ashes of patients died by Covid-19 to each family. Thang - Tran Tran

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