Ho Chi Minh City: People Lined Up In Front Of Supermarkets And Pharmacies

Preparing for the days to tighten many measures of upcoming ways, from early morning today, Ho Chi Minh City people have lined up in front of supermarkets and pharmacies. August 21, hundreds of people ranked Long rows are in front of each pharmacy, convenience store. Photo: Hoa Binhngay from 7am on August 21, Ho Chi Minh City people stood lined up in front of supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies. This time is still early, almost no supermarket, the convenience store opened, but very crowded people still patiently queue waiting. This scene is happening in all districts, as well as TP Thu Duc

. All pharmacies also open doors, large supermarkets, small, convenient stores, chains of stores selling food such as a pet system, green department, Vin Mart ..
people have to stand up on The street, long-term queuing and running around the street around the store with a store. Hundreds of people standing queuing before every pharmacy, convenience store today 21/8. Implementation: Hoa Binh purchase of necessities according to the fair, queuing of essential foods and medicines took place from many days, during the period of time Ho Chi Minh City relaxed in directive 16 but longer Longer starting yesterday 20/8 after the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee announced the policy to tighten many enhanced measures since August 23 coming. Ho Chi Minh City continued to wait in the sun, from morning By noon, long rows still don't diminish. Even in noon, many people still wait patiently because now can only be purchased before 18 pm. Many people are so tired to sit down on the street because they wait too long. Ho Chi Minh City people lined up in the summer of the street to wait into the supermarket to buy essential foods. Photo: Hoa BinhTheo updated from some people to get to inside supermarkets, convenience stores, many shelves continue in empty conditions, especially fresh food counters, meat, fish, Eggs and green vegetables. According to the reporter's inspection, this morning of August 21, all previous mobile sales points provide additional fresh food and green vegetables to people on the streets no longer available Interface. Wait too long, many people sat down on the street in the middle of the noon sun
Photo: Latest Peace of Peace from City Party Committee and Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee, shows that in the days of tightening the upcoming way, from 0:00 on August 23, 2021, when people are forced to comply with " Who is where there, "the military will coordinate with large suppliers to support the supply of food to Ho Chi Minh City.

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