Ho Chi Minh City Performs ‘who Is There In That Yen’ From 23/8

From 0h on August 23, Ho Chi Minh City strengthened the measure of prevention of Covid-19 with the requirement of 'Who was in Yen,' the house isolated with the house, the neighborhood of the neighborhood with the population of the street, neighborhood - Isolation with neighborhoods - Apnquance.0: 00/0: 54 nam 0000: 00/01: 12 people of Ho Chi Minh City ensure the implementation of regulations on social ways of stretching "Who is there, "House isolation with the house, the neighborhood of the neighborhood isolation of the street, neighborhood-ấp isolated neighborhood-pressurism, ward-commune-town-town isolated ward-commune town" from day 23 / 8. HO CHI MINH Steering Committee Prevention and Prevention of Ho Chi Minh City at the press conference on Covid-19 Department of Translation in the city.Ban directs the prevention and control of Covid-19, Ho Chi Minh City Minh proposed the people calm, peace of mind to implement "5k vaccine oral medicine," not focusing on buying goods and foodstuffs. The city has prepared the plans to ensure the supply of goods during the implementation of the above-mentioned and epidemic prevention and control measures (VNEWS / Vietnam)

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