Ho Chi Minh City: Pilot Management, Monitoring F1 Isolation At Home With Vhd Software.

From July 17, 2021 to July 31, 2021, Ho Chi Minh City piloted the management and supervision of F1 isolation at home with VHD software (Vietnam Health Declaration) .0: 00/2: 06 domain Male VHD software was coordinated by the Department of Information and Communications and Department of Health and Department of Health, and the support of the Department of Informatics - Ministry of Information and Communications and Viettel Military Telecommunications Group. Using software for people isolated at home, these units have organized 4 online training courses with the participation of 250 bridges and creating 22 channels support for People's Committee of Germany and People's Committees of districts Declaring home isolation management and monitoring system including professional and technical support. At the same time, the operators of Gate 1022 are also trained to be ready to provide information to the people. Units that prepare computers and transmission lines for supervision

. According to the plan, from July 17 to 31/7/2021, VHD software will be piloted at least 1 Ward and commune belongs to Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc and district and district in Ho Chi Minh City. After completing the pilot phase, Department of Information and Communications and Department of Health will coordinate to advise Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee to deploy replication throughout the city
That, the cases F1 are isolated at home will Declaring the phone number, face detection and is activated placement isolated by your smartphone. Every day, the isoer will declare the medical 3 times and immediately declare if there is an unusual sign of health such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing ... thereby, the medical staff directly monitor the cases The isolation will check the compliance with the prevention measures of the isolation and health of their health for timely assistance. Procedure at home for F1 Medical isolation platform management system The software will help the city manage all cases of house isolation, ensuring the supervision of isolation in accordance with the Ministry of Health, managing the health status of cases of quarantine and system Check timely reports and proactively in preventing during diseases. In addition, the software also has unexpected inspection functions, ensuring the monitoring of quarantine cases in accordance with regulations through the positioning system and face detection system.

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