Ho Chi Minh City Plans To Propagate To Intelligent Urban Areas

Ho Chi Minh City is planning to propagate the content and benefits of intelligent urban areas, from building a common data warehouse and developing open data ecosystems for the city, to the simulation center and attend Socio-Economic Newspaper.BND HCMC has just issued a plan on propaganda plans to implement Ho Chi Minh City construction scheme to become intelligent urban areas until 2025. According to HochiminhCity electronic portal. gov.vn, Ho Chi Minh City will promote propaganda on the importance, purpose, meaning and benefits of the construction of smart urban areas

. For example, for the government and intelligent urban meet needs forecasts to develop more accurately, connect data information sharing to increase operational efficiency on the facials and fields of activities; People are supported to make a decision more effectively, strengthening the interaction between the government and the people of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City became a smart urban to 2025. Ho Chi Minh City also plans to propagate the content and benefits from the construction of common data warehouses and developing open data ecosystems for the city
City, Smart Urban Executive Center of the City, Center for Socio-Economic Simulation and Forecasting, City Information Security Center.Kho Shared Data will help improve and synchronize data From departments, branches and units affiliated in the city with the goal of synthesizing multi-dimensional information for reasonable coordination, forecasting and strategic planning. The smart urban executive center focuses on exploiting the city's daily information and data sources, helping to lead the operational levels overall, promptly, correctly, in addition, Ho Chi Minh City Transmission focused on 9 areas that are prioritized to develop include: administrative reform associated with electronic government construction; traffic; flooding; environment; health, public health services, food safety; social security and safety; Urban embellishment.H.A.H.H

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