Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Festival 2021

Over the weekend, Ho Chi Minh City opened the 17th tourism festival with the theme 'Destination to Safe, Vivid Journey'. This is the first year this event is organized in combination with two forms of direct and online forms. Now until December 25, to participate in Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Festival in 2021, people and visitors can Visit the address: nowhoidulich.VisithCMC.vn

. When logging into the 3D booth, guests will be exchanged like reality with 3 door plots so that guests choose to attend the next: Exhibitions - Fairs, Exhibitions - Shopping and Essentials - Assignments save. The festival has 113 virtual booths of businesses and tourism promotion units of provinces. Each virtual booth introduces details and attracts hundreds of products, excellent tourist destinations
People and visitors can access websites immediatelyHoidulich.VisithCMC.vn to visit and shop. Bui Thi Ngoc Hieu, Deputy Director of the City Tourism Department said: coming to the booth of Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Department Implementation, visitors can find out 366 tourism resources in Ho Chi Minh City. At the same time with 3D and 360 degrees technology, visitors can look at Ho Chi Minh City at a very different corner such as from high levels or from corners that may have never explored, experience. At the same time, there are many stimulus programs, promotions for city people and the whole country. In the framework of the festival and then the city continues to pay attention to supporting tourism businesses, especially businesses Small and medium career to recover after translation. In 2022, Ho Chi Minh City tourism industry continued to diversify products and actively connect with other provinces and cities to develop inter-regional and inter-regional areas. Brother

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