Ho Chi Minh City’s Smart Urban Strengthens Interactions Between People And Authorities

In the Plan to build smart urban areas vision to 2025, Ho Chi Minh City focuses on implementing the authorities of the government for people, businesses and all subjects in society. The plan for implementing the project "Construction of Ho Chi Minh City to become a smart urban period 2017-2020, vision to 2025" in 2021. According to Hochiminhcity.gov.vn electronic portal, Ho Chi Minh City Will promote creative ideas, technology applications into resolving people's pressing issues, improving people's satisfaction and organizations for the quality of government operations

. .HCM continues to implement 4 centers of intelligent urban schemes including: building common data warehouses and developing open data ecosystems for the city; Building a smart urban administration center of the city; building a central simulation and socio-economic forecast; Establishment of city information security center.UBND Ho Chi Minh City has just issued a plan to implement the project "Building Ho Chi Minh City to become a smart urban period in 2017-2020, vision to 2025"
Time, Ho Chi Minh City implemented the e-government, gradually transforming the electronic government to the digital government to match the role of the intelligent urban management government; Focusing on implementing the authorities of government services for people, businesses and all subjects in society, strengthening government interactions for people and other businesses, Ho Chi Minh City development Infrastructure for intelligent urban deployment such as developing and promulgating the project to develop telecommunications infrastructure and infrastructure development plan in Ho Chi Minh City in the period 2020-2030; In particular, focusing on the development of broadband telecommunications infrastructure used separately serving the implementation of the city's e-governments and construction of the city's intelligent urban areas.TP.HCM will build an Internet infrastructure architecture (IoT) and plan, route deployment for some priority areas; coordinate and support telecommunications enterprises to develop 5G mobile network infrastructure; Upgrade 4G mobile network; synchronously deploying solutions to universal smart mobile phones in Ho Chi Minh City. Besides, Ho Chi Minh City studied the establishment of Ho Chi Minh City integration commander; Implementing the program "Research and developing artificial intelligence (AI) in Ho Chi Minh City" in order to build and develop ecosystems to research, develop and apply artificial intelligence to become Then technology Fasteners for digital conversion, smart urban construction.

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