Ho Chi Minh Era

76 years ago, in Ba Dinh Square History, President Ho Chi Minh Trinh Trong announced the declaration of independence and birth of Vietnam Democratic Republic of Vietnam (now the Socialist Republic of Vietnam), The first public public state in Southeast Asia. On September 2, 1945 opened for the independent era, freedom of the Vietnamese nation, opened for the new era of Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City Quang Vinh! Ba Dinh Square History, In President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence, opening the new age of the country of Vietnam. Photo: Nam Nguyen1. Since the times of Hung Vuong to build water and ethnic Vietnam has traditions connecting the community, there are severe deep compatriots, with profound will on national sovereignty, the right to master the country, always aspiring themselves Due to the independence and never subdued with the invasion of the enemy. Large trailer Nguyen Tat Thanh went across the four ways to find the way to save the country, save people

. The revolutionary career of Nguyen Tat Thanh - Nguyen Ai Quoc began here. The luggage of Nguyen Tat Thanh has a historical tradition of several thousand years of building water and retaining water that has been cast into a nation itself. Along with the cultural tradition and cultural identity of the Vietnamese nation, in the luggage "People looking for water" also have great aspirations and ambitions about the future and ethnicity are on the oppression regime Exploring Ha Khac's colonial, feudal to rise to build a society where people are lived, are freedom, equality, happiness and civilization
Nguyen Ai Quoc found what I expected - Lenin's thesis on ethnic and colonial issues. The person who has found a private road for the Vietnam Revolution: Revolution of national liberation and country development for independence and freedom. After reading the thesis Lenin, who exclaimed: This is an essential for us, this is the way to liberate us. A theory of revolution on the basis of practicality is spread into Vietnam. Nationwide and democracy in the revolutionary way of Nguyen Ai Quoc. In this context, our party was born and became a single organization to undertake the historical mission: Leading the struggle of the people with the goal of liberating the nation and liberating the class. Independence, the main freedom is the most core thought in the Party's first revolution. The second world has promoted the peoples of regional slaves, liberation. This is a tremid opportunity to have one to lead the party and organize all people to stand up to the French, chase Japan, regain independence, freedom. In August 1945, the direct revolutionary time came at the time Engraving the history of the nation and only more than 5,000 members, our party led the total victory of victory completely
The August Revolution was "a gold milestone history" of the Vietnamese nation. The birth of the People's Democratic State is "a great historical leap in the road to the nation according to the coin World revolutionary progress ". In the Declaration of Independence, President Ho Chi Minh affirmed: All Vietnamese people decide to bring all the spirits and forces, destiny and wealth to maintain that freedom and independence. History has been visiting, independent era, freedom with the simple truth that Uncle beloved has affirmed: "Nothing more than independence and freedom" has come to the Vietnamese nation in Ho Chi Minh Minh.2. To this day, after more than three-quarters of the century, the value of the Independence Declaration remains intact in the construction and defense of the Fatherland. The independent declaration contains the truth of human truth, expressing the will, height of thinking of President Ho Chi Minh, tradition, aspiration of the Vietnamese nation, forever existed in the national history journey, On the road to build and protect Vietnam's beloved and very proud to be proud. From after the Democratic State's day was born, raising a free independent flag and socialism, the Communist Party of Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh has led our people from this victory to another victory. We have won the French colonialism and the American Empire in the deficient war lasted for more than 30 years with blazing milestones as Dien Bien Phu victory in 1954 and the spring victory in 1975, national liberation, Unifying the country, as well as the war of territorial sovereignty and the construction of the Socialist Fatherland. The Party's mission is the all-people leadership, protecting the revolutionary achievement, building our country "more decent, bigger", bringing people to Happiness, everyone has eaten rice, shirts, Everyone who is studying and healing like Uncle Ho's "desire" of Uncle Ho.3. Resolution of the 11th National Congress of the Party special attention to "4 consistent": Consistently applied, developing innovative Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh's thought; steadfast objectives of ethnic independence and socialism; consistent Party innovation; Consistent principles in Party building. Make sure the first and first national interests - ethnicity, arouse strong patriotism, independence, autonomy, self-help, self-enhancement of the nation, cultural value - Vietnamese people

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