Hoa Phat Group ‘handshake’ Cmc Converts A Comprehensive Number

Hoa Phat Group has launched a comprehensive digital conversion project, aiming at the top 50 global largest steel producers and a multi-sector group.02: 00/4: 49 large namong nam names in the steel industry transferred Doan Hoa was born in August 1992, formerly a company specialized in trading of construction machines. After nearly three decades of development, in 2020, Hoa Phat is one of the largest private corporations in Vietnam, dealing in four main areas: Iron and steel, steel products, real estate, agriculture. , Hoa Phat becomes the largest steel producer in Vietnam with output of 2 million tons of crude steel. The profit after tax of Hoa Phat reached over VND 13,500 billion in 2020 in the context of the economy facing many difficulties due to the translation of Covid-19

. The successful success of Hoa Phat Group also stood before the challenges of the revolution. Technology 4.0
Final 2020, Hoa Phat Dung Quat project phase 1 starts maximum exploitation of factory capacity. While Hoa Phat's factory still maintains many manual stages, it has not been fully digitized to uneven between production lines and products. In addition, the information technology system (IT) has been invested but is not synchronized and unoringently optimized the operation process. Hoa Phat Group converts numbers to build competitiveness in the future to respond Changes of the business model, Hoa Phat Group provides a strategy to build competitiveness based on the digital technology platform. The union will change the IT governance model in nectal efficiency and ensure the strategic objectives. Besides, to develop business to transparent processes and scientific connections with global logistics supply chains. Internal Group will aim to professional automation and administration of operating by data. His big handshake of steel industry with CMCC in 2020, Hoa Phat Group signed a strategic cooperation with CMC Technology Group In order to build a comprehensive number conversion route. The project lasts half a year, aims to help the company and steel production blocks of the Group digitize the production and business process. Choose CMC as a strategic consulting unit, Representative of Hoa Phat Group
, CMC has over 28 years of experience in the field of IT, has implemented many projects in industries and production. This technology corporation is also a reputable partner and implemented many IT projects for Hoa Phat. Hoa Phat Union selected CMC is a strategic consulting unit to convert the number of besides, the CMC provides a variety of solutions Service: From infrastructure, security, applications to new technologies (Big Data, IoT, Automation, ERP, Supply Chain Management, ...) will meet the needs of switching and management Treatment and business of Hoa Phat. As a senior partner in Vietnam of many large technology firms, CMC ensures customer support to access the most advanced technology solutions. The number of transformations the number of versions of Hoa PhatTheo Mr. Luong Tuan Thanh - Director CMC Corporation Technology: "To solve the operating problem of Hoa Phat, CMC has a scientific methodology based on the view: Exposing long-term, feasible and practical vision, suitable for steel production and Heavy industry, towards a multidisciplinary group model "." CMC has focused on synchronization of digital capacity building strategies with strategies and business activities, and will identify, choose and evaluate Some initiatives can prioritize the first implementation according to the formula: Increasing revenue, reducing costs, optimal assets and limiting risks, "Mr. Thanh said. Phat is a multidisciplinary group, to convert all In terms of, CMC proposed to create a group of full-time working with key stakeholders, to create consensus throughout the Group at all times. That, the conversion route divided into three stages: the first phase will build the technology and administration platform; Phase 2 focuses on exploiting digitizing efficiency for operation and production with excellent user experience; Phase 3 will gradually help Hoa Phat leadership management and comprehensive management with data and expansion for other business areas. Convert the number to help Hoa Phat changes the IT management model in a stem Effective and ensuring strategic objectives in the future. The number of transformation in operation will create new interactive channels between agents and corporations to automate the order process, track goods forwarder Increase customer experience. The Board of Directors of Hoa Phat Group will also better understand how to apply IT solutions to corporate governance to an effective management and operating apparatus. "Transformation to improve efficiency and development Out the new value, enhance customer satisfaction as well as find new markets easier, more widely, faster. The direction of CMC consultants will help us reduce costs, control risks, improve labor performance, business efficiency ", Mr. Tu Thanh Hai - Head of IT in Hoa Phat Group - Head of Conversion Project Share number. According to Mr. Luong Tuan Thanh - CMC Corporation Technology Director, to solve the operation problem of Hoa Phat

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