Hoang Bao Chau’s Businessman ‘white Hands Mechanical’ Breaking All Success Limits

Hoang Bao Chau with a 10-year journey to help 50,000 businesses break the sales, she has now demonstrated the success through the success of many national and international projects. In parallel with business results, she is also a fire transmission, training, helping tens of thousands of people who persist over the fate and breakthroughs on the income of 9: 00/0: 00 Nou southern nationals and journeys 10 Bao Chau's year is a modern woman with open minds and rare iron will see. She always strives non-stop with positive living views: "You may not be great to start, but start to become great". She has the process of accumulating extremely solid knowledge through many courses of famous and abroad masters like Unleash The Power Within - Liberation of the inside of Tony Robbins (billionaire, Master NLP conversion Number 1 in the world), The Sales Explosion Program - Blair Singer's Peak Sales (World Sales King), Master Head Coach - Master the mind of billionaire Adam Khoo, Sawn Soo (Head Coach World), Brad Sugar (coaching and coaching business), .

.. Mission and 10-year journey help for 50,000 successful businesses. Not only that, she also graduated with many courses and high-level training programs such as: Training CEO - PTI, World Record Standard Record Training course, Psychological course of behavioral and human brain of the World Brain Institute
It can be said that this is a steady momentum so Hoang Bao Chau's entrepreneurs create successful successes. Human Human Hangzhou. After returning to the country, she not only works with prestigious corporations But also became a parties adjacent to the world with the world record (KLGTG) Tran Quoc Phuc during the 10-year journey. Thanks to the efforts to rise and experienced inherently, she led 50,000 businesses developed from 0 to a scale of hundreds of employees and breaking down sales of Million USD. A great influence in the field of business Enterprise to accumulate solid experience, plus business passion and trading experience in the market helped her achieve admirable results and achievements: helping 50,000 businesses to break down revenue. It shows that, with a power of more than 50,000 businesses to achieve breakthrough revenue, her name has been increasingly influential in the field of business. Now Hoang Bao Chau's businessman is not only known as Head Coach - Head of Global Golden Apple Academy, Lead Trainer

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