Hoang Su Bei Terraces: ‘concert’ Place In The Northeast Mountain

Located in the west of Ha Giang province, 110km from Ha Giang city, Hoang Su Phi district has a diverse, complex terrain, thereby forming a beautiful natural landscape system. The most impressive must mention the 'carrying' mountains on the great terraced fields, follow each other as the samples on an endless passage. The royal royal ruins have been ranked nationally and is one of the important tourist destinations of Ha Giang Province.0: 00/3: 56 male domain ladder in the village of nature and People with professional "players" professionally, the "go to phượt" to hunt beautiful moments in the pouring season or ripe ripe season in Hoang Su Phi has long been no stranger. The terraced fields here are powerful Strange attractions with photographers and passionate enthusiasts by great, poetic beauty

. Every season, royal royal fields bring a private beauty. Water pouring season (April - June) , The terraced fields such as giant mirrors shedding the rattan sky. By the ripe season (from August - October), the scene here is like turning into a medal with the tiles with the music are the plots Terraced fields, and the people and houses like music notes
It's not that the gender "crafts" still transmits each other's ears "Best smiles, and the second love" when talking about the unique beauty of the rise Ang here. Hoang Su Phi has a total terraced area of about 3,700ha, stretching across all 25 communes and towns, but beautiful and large-scale plots are mainly concentrated on an area of 1,380ha 11 XA Sán Sá Li Ho, Ban Phung, Nam Ty, Thong Nguyen, Ta History ... These are locations of royal royal ruins have been ranked by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. In 2011 and 2016.Not just a masterpiece of nature, the royal terraced fields are also aunt of labor and the creativity of indigenous residents. From natural conditions that are available with production practices are formed for a long time, people have overcome difficulties to create terraced fields close to the cheo climbing slopes. Eityle witnessed the terraced fields "spill" from the top of the mountain down, Mr. Tran Ngoc Minh, visitors from District 3 (Ho Chi Minh City) said: "People here are really Artists, romantic architects when creating such unique and attractive natural genus "
Important tourism points are not a scenic, come to the royal royal terraces, tourists It is possible to learn the cultivation practices of 12 ethnic groups who live in here, every peoples have a different practices. If the Lifese took advantage of all areas of cultivation to be terraced fields, the Nung people often work together with the "field of the field", the fields of the red dao Surrounded by vail forests, interspersed with waterfalls that create their own beauty. It is the difference in the cultivation method of each nation where terraced fields in each place have a different beauty. In Nha Nguyen, Nam Ty or San Lake Lake is the vast terraced fields, stretching, but in the village, there are massive fields, hundreds of levels ... interwoven with diversity in episodes The cultivation shop is also the customs and festivals with a typical cultural identity of ethnic minorities in Hoang Su Phi Nhu Dao's offering ceremony in Ho Tau commune, goat festival in Nong Nguyen commune, Nam Nam Ty ... was conserved by Ha Giang. Mr. Nguyen Hong Hai, Director of Ha Giang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism shared: "We are researching, making a project to preserve and promote some unique festivals of ethnic groups to put into declaration Travel activities. National monuments of royal terraces in the southwestern tourist space of the province, with the development orientation is ecotourism combined with indigenous culture, in which, terraced fields and mountains West Con Linh is the focus of development ". According to the overall planning of tourism development in Ha Giang province to 2020, orientation to 2030, the royal royal field relic will become an important local tourist destination Attached to the experience of experiencing such as the development of community tourism models associated with indigenous culture in Tay village village village village (Thong Nguyen commune), the population of Dao Red in Ta Phin Ho (Nam Nam Ty); Building adventurous climbing tours, conquering Tay Tinh peaks, competitions; Visit a high mountain tea planting area ... These products are expected to be a highlight to attract visitors to Ha Giang in the future. Nguyen Trung

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