Hoang Yen Actress Daughter Feels Mother ‘really Good’ When There Are 4 Husband’s Life

Two daughters have shared views on marriage of Hoang Yen Mother's Marriage.0: 00/2: 06Nam Southern to actor Hoang Yen, many people will remember right to the role of "Ms. Xuyen" in drama The house went for children. Not only that, with the famous saying of the character "Ms. Xuyen" in the movie: "She went back to married here," made the audience to think about the real life of the actress

. In addition, the actor Hoang Yen has experienced four different marriages. Hoang Yen and her husband are currently living unique but Hoang Yen is still happy and happy with you. Currently, her big daughter who has mature mature is Duong Mạc Yen My (born in 1993) and the second daughter Name Yen Minh (born in 2001) is still going to school
Nime here, on Facebook And Yen Minh has held a frank conversation to answer questions about Family. Hoang Yen and two daughters. When mentioning the problem of Hoang Yen's mother, there are 4 husbands and nests sharing: "There are many people Ask don't know what children of her husband's 4-year-old actor? Mom like that don't know if they are in their mother? In general, words are not built, but today we will Sitting here answered very built. How do I feel about my mother to marry 4 times? "Yen Minh replied," Honestly, from the time I don't care much about what mom Husband. I only have a unique concern whether my mother is happy or not? Mother's life and happiness must be selected by the mother, but she doesn't choose happiness or life or husband for moms Where's it? Hia's lover's hand didn't want to love anymore, but my mother was right to stand up after falling. Healthy. Which loves every time I love everyone. Oh my girl! Respect. Really respond to my mother's mother, told people to marry a dignified marriage, people have a couple. I am very grateful
We are sincere and profound to thank that sympathetic ". Then Minh also affirmed that it will not dare to take more husbands:" Thank you for your interest in sisters. If you are before, I will not dare to marry anymore. Because she finished getting a scary husband, it must be breaking up, getting sad again. But now I have another thought. I will love my hard but I still try to keep a sharp, alert to not let myself hurt too much ". The girl of Hoang Yen actor also said:" A woman gets sure 4 husbands are really good. "

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