Hold … Bird

My military life ended for 3 years round. Complete obligations, from Mr. Binh Nhi to British Cyricide of the Chief Army, who experienced radiation soldiers, information soldiers, from Northern coupled to ..

. Central 9: 00/2: 45 Southwise I have a scar ..
scabies, dozens of injections ... Butt ... KKK. But the most difficult sequelae is ..
hemorrhoids. Those who have suffered a hemorrhoids understanding the suffering of hemorrhoids. Well, it causes it due to many factors. After my unit enters the Central Highlands, stationed in Hoa Phu, Chu Păh, Gia Lai. Only a few days to set foot on the Central Highlands, I knew what malaria was. The days of treating drugs, together with the diet according to habits, experience of malaria is to eat more chili, I have been hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoids are hard to say, because it is in place. I live with it for many years, until I'm married, it is heavier. After finding out, I knew so many people were like me. My classmate was also hemorrhoids, he introduced me to the Provincial Ethnic Medicine Hospital. Ignoring embarrassment, my couple arrested the bus to the camp - Hai Duong to the hospital to treat. After visiting, I was in the hospital waiting for a hemorrhoids. At that time, there were some hemorrhoids, such as cutting often and cutting something, I chose to the Credit Ethnic Medicine Institute. This means that doctors will use only, tighten hemorrhoids, use high-dose antibiotics to prevent inflammation, use drugs for patients to soak the cutting place to make a cut bottle.Hai illustrated by the Selected Author. The tool told "Pain like cuttings", that's right. I lost every week. After cutting the hospital to catch a few meals, then feed it, but it was tightened, if she didn't fall only, the patient would be difficult to go to the toilet, in addition to the secret of urination. I am young, the hospital sometimes has a practitioner, when you go back, you have to go back to the pants for the doctors who are very embarrassed. Then on the second day of operation, I reported a doctor urination. The doctor instructed me to soak warm water, encourage, stimulate the little boy to listen to the words, otherwise he had to set up. I heard the moment you practice talking to each other-- Today is "mutually sinking". I have married my wife, but I saw the beautiful practitioners talking together. I hurt, my stomach, and embarrassed again. Thinking silently, if I don't urinate, let you guys steal, I'm shy, I put, but it's hexagram, just go to rumble, even gradually ... also sew, then motivate the little boy , It's also warm to listen. In general, cutting slantions, the secret of urination is the fear of the patient. I have to get a new degree. The first time was the most frightening time. Sweating pain always ... After nearly ten days, I lose only, the elegant is also pine, bid farewell to the doctor of the ethnic medical medical hospital. Low glimpse of them of new practitioners, laughing again and thought of them when they practiced boldly, remembering their reverse sentence "sinking mute" .. "Holding ... birds" ..... 13.09.2021Theo story of the village of the Organ

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