Homemade Cosmetics At Covid-19

In the situation, the salons and spas are not yet allowed to operate again but you need to be beautiful, then ... 0: 00/2: 01 Southern menure of wax wax "micro-feathers" is suffering Of many women, especially when needing shows the body, like at seaing, out swimming pools, even just to wear sooc, short skirt. I don't always have a condition to get to the wax hair salon

. Instead, you can do it at home that is equally effective. Prepare: 1 banana or avocado.1 piece of butter to leave the refrigerator for soft
¼ cup of fresh cream (whipping cream) .2 Drops of aromatic oil (incense Lavender, Roses, Hue West, lemon, mint ... depending on your preferences). Mix all the mixes on a bowl. Mixed "Wax at home" into a bowl Case smooth and slightly pitched. If dry, it is possible to add fresh ice cream. Download an old towel on the floor, lining more on two large nilong bags. Learn after bathing with warm water, because at the moment the pores are blooming, easy to absorb Sorting by relaxing by reading or watching movies Mixes on the Wax Da Da area (legs, hand
..) and then tighten, in Nilong bags outside the towel, leave for 15-20 minutes. Now we can take a break, relax by reading or watching movies. After that, clean clean water. The hateful "micro-feathers" will be removed without doing your skin. Learning smooth, you manually try to see! Yogurt, or Yogurt is a lot of food that likes Good use with health. In the field of beauty, yogurt also has outstanding advantages, especially when used to exfoliate and nurture skin. It is as easy as follows: 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon of oil Coconut.2 Teases of yogurt (preferably sugar) .2 teaspoon fresh milk., not only food salt and coconut oil into a smooth mixture. Apply this mixture to the face or areas that want to purge, use a massage finger with circular movements to compose dead cells on the skin. Then rinse with warm water. Yoan mixes with fresh milk into a sliced compound, covering the skin and bleaching. Apply gently for the mixture to penetrate the skin. Work once a week to have smooth skin with beautiful bright coconut, yogurt, fresh milk - Cosmetic self-farming soft and smooth skin See more interested videos:

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