Hometown Father Cha Cha 6: Shin Min Ah Is Angry With Kim Seon Ho, But Why Heart Still Flew Four

Hong Doo Sik (Kim Seon Ho) was a headache because he was angry by Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah). Hong Cat coaxed forever healed, but the windows now true, his enemy's situation officially appeared. (Note: The article has revealed the movie content.) In episode 6 Hometown father father Father, Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) after remembering his kiss in his drunk, he immediately demanded Hong Doo Sik (Kim Seon Ho). Despite how he explained, she also deliberately dodged

. She even showed a harsh attitude when he was paired by everyone with Hong Doo Sik to perform in the upcoming night.Hong Doo Sik made an excuse to teeth to talk to Hye Jin, but she still ignored. Set a few days, both turned like water with fire
But in the face, but in the heart of Yoon Hye Jin, I always saw it when I saw Hong Doo Sik because of this to ignore her. Even, Hye Jin was angry when he saw DOO SIK HOW MISHING HOW TOURISM WITH WITH WITH WITH WITH WITH YOU SIK still laughed happily. But Hye Jin seemed angry. However, both can't be angry Long time. Wearing that Hye Jin said he didn't care, but Doo Sik kept wanting to "involved" to her. In the night of the festival, because I wanted to help Oh Ju Ri win a prize of 3 million Won, Hye Jin and Doo Sik had danced in her repertoire. Although not being awarded the championship, the whole relationship was nice again. Dance love illustration to help Oh Ju Ri won the prize in the night festival. Why are both a second prize and funny.Doo Sik also compliments Hye Jin
ngay when hong doo sik is happy to "open the flag in the stomach" because the dentistry is now angry. The friend he had known to Ji Sung Hyun (Lee to Yi) - turned out to be "Crush" in the old year of Yoon Hye Jin, appearing. Sung Hyun to Gongjin village is to record the actual program, so the stay here will be quite long. Watching out coming, this match "robbery" will be more dramatic to see! Doo Sik almost falls into the water while watching fireworks. And thanks to Ji Sung Hyun Rescue. But doo sik is now As "Crush" in Hye Jin's lap, there are 7 Hometown Father's father and father will air on Saturday 18/9 here.Hoonie (screenshot)

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