‘hometown Father Cha Cha’ Episode 8: Shin Min Ah Kiss Failed To Be Discovered By Kim Seon Ho

The trio of Hye Jin, Doo Sik, Sung Hyun continues to 'stick' to get together in Episode 8 'Hometown Father Father', but this time Hye Jin seems to be tilted about Doo Sik more. In the Episode 8 Hometown Father Father, Hong Doo Sik (Kim Seon Ho) began to see his position wobbly since Sung Hyun (Lee Sang Yi) appeared. Sung Hyun not only intends to pursue Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) but also helps the villagers do everything to make everything instead of Doo Sik, causing Doo Sik to feel extremely shy.Doo Sik is given the edge of sung Hyun quickly painted everything to buy everything to buy gifts for all people sik crowded! Doo Sik outside the face still worked with Sung Hyun, but he couldn't happily accept the invitation or entry from Sung Hyun's time.

. However, only need to see Sung Hyun and Hye Jin meet or appoint each other as the Doo Sik will find a way to get involved next to it. it has to be. Hye Jin was always in front of Sung Hyun, even Mi Seon (Gong Min Jung) just for Hye Jin to see Sung Hyun meant with her, Hye Jin still said that he was a kind person to always treat everyone
Hye Jin keeps the image and distance with Sung Hyun, and Doo Sik is happy to go back, Hye Jin feels comfortable with Doo Sik, feeling awkward when Doo Sik saw her with Sung Hyun. Doo Sik The rain girder was cold, she turned on to cook porridge, buy tangerines for him to eat. She even almost restrained but kissed Doo Sik.hye Jin suddenly remembered Mi Seon's teasing, I couldn't restrain, calculate the stealing America Nam Male Male Ladies known all! Recent days, In Gongjin village suddenly appeared a pervert, specializing in lingerie and women's clothes. Even the elementary teacher in the village was still kidnapped, making everyone extremely worried. Sung Hyun bought a series of protective suits sent to Hye Jin to prevent themselves alone. Sung Hyun bought enough items for Hye Jin to stop 8 closing with Hye Jin Tan, the phone was out of battery, on the road Going home alone she was tailed by bad guys. Fortunately, Doo Sik didn't see Hye Jin, so he went to find and meet her. But Hye Jin found a hero and he had a father's father and father practicing on Saturday night on Saturday, September 25th to the hoonietheo Movie screen

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