‘hometown Father Cha’ Episode 7: Shin Min Ah Meets The Old Crush Again, Kim Seon Ho Begins To Know Jealousy

The emergence of 'crush' makes relationships Yoon Hye-jin (Shin Min Ah) and Hong Doo-sik (Kim Seon-ho) started changing in episode 7 'Hometown Cha Cha Cha'.0: 00/1: episode 7 Hometown NamTrong domain 25Nu Cha Cha Cha has aired, the arrival of Ji Sung Hyun (Lee Sang Yi) making Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) excited seeing all sizes for college crush. Sung Hyun simultaneously also recognize Hong Doo-sik (Kim Seon-ho) who had saved her and repeatedly helped him find and Sung Hyun Sik duong.Doo quickly became close because of Hye Jin tuoi.Moi relations and Doo Sung Hyun Sik fear that she would be "left out" because she and elder college has too many of the same interests

. Conversely, Hye Jin Doo Sik worries too much know his secrets, go tell Sung Hyun made her lose face. The result is three so that each day dem.Hye stick Jin Doo always express the joy out SikNhung face while chatting with his herd Hye Jin anhLan before only this time with both Doo Sung Hyun Sik made at home whole neighborhood was rumored love triangle occasion ba
Sung Hyun choose Gongjin making room for program recording his new reality, should have tried to convince Mrs. Gam Ri (Kim Young Ok) to their home loan as set scene. Finally, thanks to feast gather together the trio and she Yuri with idol singer JUNE (Sung Tae), Mrs. Gam Ri agreed to lend context by Ms feel happy when people in the end of the episode canh.Phan 7, while Hye Jin Doo Sik and sulked all together, became harmonious, happy back, then Sung Hyun Hye Jin began to attack. He decided to pursue the juniors because that she was single. This also makes Doo Sik began fluctuating feelings minh.Tu time, Hye Jin Sik DOO side is always comfortable, no need to keep the tuong.Sung Hyun also begin exploration of Hye Jin and Weather flirting decision boi.Theo Mi Seon words of the "table of Hong Doo-sik jelly is viable, this boulder has rolled into Sung Hyun"
. Doo Sik opponent now has got you! Volume 8 Hometown Father Cha Cha aired on the evening of Sunday 19/9 / 2021.HOONIE (screenshot)

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