Honda City 2021 Increased Offers Up To 60 Million Vnd, So Ke Hyundai Accent

In September 2021, Honda agents simultaneously increased incentives for Honda City buyers, up to 60 million dong, including cash and accessories. According to PV Traffic Vehicle, September 2021, Honda Automobile Dealers in Hanoi also increased incentives for customers who bought Honda City, up to 60 million VND, including cash and accessories. Ha Noi, Guest Buying Honda City in September 2021 Just from 625 million VND to roll the body, Honda Long Bien agent salesman said that in 60 million VND for Honda City has 30 million cash and 30 million VND of accessories. Effects include: insulation film, leather floor mats, reverse sensors and journey cameras, etc. However, with customers who do not receive accessory preferences can be converted to cash worth 5 million VND, Total cash preferential is VND 35 million, applicable to both L and Rs

.S.Comato versions are considered to stimulate demand, increase the competitiveness with cars with the segment also being reduced by agents price, Like: Vios is reduced to 60 million VND while Hyundai Accent is reduced to VND 37 million. The traffic vehicle will charge the price of Honda City wheels in Hanoi based on taxes and fees that the vehicle owner pays to reach the number plate
In other localities, the price of rolling wheels will be lower. Honda City interior has a new generation, designing Honda City has many changes, with a slightly oriented direction, just more sporty. The prominent can be as a frontlight cluster with a daytime lamp strip attached to two chrome bars The two sides constitutes a solid block at the top of the car, the embossed tendon runs along the body and the taillights also use the public LED technology. Angel shark fins are also standard on new city. On the L and RS version, the car is also equipped with a rearview mirror integrating the turning LED. About the interior, compared to the current version, City has a longer size, wider, creating a wideest space segment with impressive legs.Honda City The 5th generation also owns comfortable upgrades such as current entertainment screens Great more with size increased from 6.8 to 8 inches and added Apple Carplay and Android Auto smartphone connection features; Speedometer with sport lights; Automatic regulating 1 independent area (L and RS) has a fast cooling "MAX Cool" mode ..
Honda City new uses a new 1.5-liter engine, for a maximum capacity of 119 horsepower with automatic transmission CVT stepless. Comes with it is the electrical trailer system and the famous fuel economy mode of the Japanese company. The most turned on the Rs version. Although not using a booster 1.0L engine as abroad, the RS version will have more prominent equipment than the normal version. It can be mentioned as the RS logo embossed on the Catholic, front lamp cluster LED, 16-inch 5-spoke alloys, Sports surfing wings, LED fog lights, 8-speaker audio systems, remote car start functions, switching numbers on the steering wheel, ... New Honda City in Vietnam will not be equipped with Honda Sensing. However, this model is still very full of safety technologies with anti-lock braking ABS, EBD electronic brake force allocation, emergency braking support (three), electronic balance, horizontal departure support Slope, camera back 3 rotation corners (L and RS) ... These safety technologies help the city meet the 5-star ASEAN NCAP safety standards.

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