Honda Civic 2022 Cropped Crown Equipment, Can Vietsuits Have A Shortage?

The new generation of the 11th generation Honda Civic 2022 sedan was launched in the Thai market that was cut with many equipment compared to the US version, which made many users feel disappointed. New, Honda Civic 2022 Has officially launched Thailand with 3 El, EL and RS versions. With the debut in the Thai market, many people hope the sedan size C will soon be about Vietnam. Especially with leakage information, Honda Civic 2022 is being registered, this implicitly affirms the launch date is not far away. Even so, compared to the US or Japanese market, Honda Civic 2022 is completely new sold at The Thai market was cut quite a lot of valuable equipment

. This does many Thai people feel regret. Below, we will compare the pages that have been removed in the Thai and American markets with anything differently. First, it can be found that Honda Civic 2022 in Thailand has been cut off the 2
0L engine, it Only use Vtec Turbo 1.5L turbocharged engine for all versions. Although there are many advantages compared to traditional gasoline engines, many Thai people have not trusted this engine, especially when long-term use. 2.0L motor in the US market is available on the lowest version for the public Maximum rate of 158 horsepower, comes with CVT stepless gearbox. This natural pure air engine block is weaker than the turbocharged mass. However, the advantages of type of natural exhaust engine is for good performance, fast response ability and high durability. The advantage of turbocharged motor is low-taxable, accelerating loading and fuel economy. Next, all new variants use 1.5L engine configuration
This type of engine produces a capacity of 178 horsepower, 240 Nm torque, weaker than the engine at 5 horsepower compared to the US and Japan markets despite the same capacity. The strength of the engine, session Thai version will also be cut 1 more equipped with an 18-inch tray even on the sports version. Instead, it will use 17-inch trays. The usual version only uses 16-inch trays. As usual, Civic RS Sports more thanks to the splint-tailed tail and black details.CIVIC RS 2022 has Honda Connect with 9-inch touch screen, Apple Carplay wireless and remote control car function through Smart phone app. The lower level will be equipped with a 7-inch screen, Apple Carplay wired. On RS and EL versions there will be 8 speakers but not Bose Speaker. According to Honda data announced, Honda Civic new generation has fuel consumption on the mixed road of the new generation of 17.2 km / l (equivalent to 5,8L / 100km). But it will have better fuel consumption if the car is equipped with Idle Stopping technology (temporary shutdown function). Usually the IDling Stop systems save fuel by automatically turning off the motor when the driver The car wants the car to stop (eg traffic lights) and automatically restart the engine when the driver wants to continue. But because Thai people are unfamiliar with this technology, despite being equipped on Honda City Hatchback, the manufacturer has ignored. Blind Point Warning System is a page available on the American Civic, but when entering Thai Lan Equipment was no longer available. Besides, Civic Thailand is not equipped with traffic congestion support system (TJA), providing the ability to drive semi-automatic level 2 at a speed of less than 65 km / h.After, all variables New Civic can now be equipped with standards with Honda Sensing driver support system package including automatic emergency braking, blind point image system when switching lanes, holding automatic gas, supporting the center Lane, support lane, automatic luminaire and warning departure ahead. Honda Civic 2022 car rates in Thailand El - price 964,900 Baht (equivalent to about 662 million dong). Honda Civic El - Price 1,009,900 Baht (equivalent to about 693 VND) Honda Civic RS - Price 1,199,900 Baht (equivalent to about VND 824 million). After launching the Thai market, many Vietnamese are looking forward to this new model in the country.Video: Honda Civic 2022 launches Thailand from about 662 million dong. Nguyen Bac

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