Honda Civic 2022 Is About To Debut In Southeast Asia, Soon About Vietnam?

According to the headlightmag news page, Honda Civic 2022 will be officially introduced in the Thai market right in July. In July 9: 00/1: 31 namhonda Civic 2022 domains are expected to be released in Thailand this month this site said Honda Thailand was preparing for the completely new Honda Civic model for the Thai market. In addition to the engine, Honda Civic 2022 for Thailand is expected to have nothing different about the design and interior compared to the newly released version in the US. The car has no significant change compared to the new version launched In the United States, Honda Civic 2022 in Thailand only has a block of 4-cylinder gasoline, turbocharged, 1.5L capacity

. This engine creates a maximum capacity of 180 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 240 nm at 1.700 - 4,500 rpm.So with older versions, this engine is stronger 6 horsepower and 20 nm
However, the engine is still accompanied by the CVT gearbox and the previous bridging system like the older generation. The car inside the car to lead to Honda Civic 2022 in Thailand Only use 1.5L capacity motor. Because the 1.8L engine suction natural gas is said to have been stopped for this market. In the future, Honda Civic 2022 in the Thai market is expected to have more hybrid versions, use drive system E: Hev With 2 electric motors. The opinion to this model will set foot in Vietnam, after Thailand, the new model Honda Civic 2022 will continue to launch other Southeast Asian markets such as Singapore, as much as possible Featuring until the end of the third quarter or fourth quarter this year, the 11th generation Honda Civic will also dock in Vietnam market. According to Kim Trong / Traffic Newspaper

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