Honda Civic Type R 2023 Takes Teaser, Preparing To Debut Next Year

Honda has announced the first teaser images of completely new Civic Type R samples instance.0: 00/1: 54 South Cars will be officially launched by 2022 after undergoing experiments on the road and Nürburgring racetrack . Based on the new Civic Hatchback to be revealed in June this year, the upcoming hot hatch will be the inheritance of Civic Type R debuted since 2017 (Code: FK8). Automotive manufacturer Japan is not ready to reveal all, so the car is still hidden under an external camouflage layer. Observed carefully, fans can recognize the silhouette of all the previous C Civic Type T models, from OG EK9 to FK8

.Honda Civic Type R 2023 Tung Teaservay both when they are closed, many elements The new Civic Type T design is still very easy to see, starting with a strong front bumper, the big suction in the corner. Meanwhile, the headlights are quite similar to the normal Honda Civic Hatchback, but honeycomb grille with smaller cells to promote better airflow. The fenders are refreshed with more sports wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport tires and strong Brembo brakes
The back still retains the design of the 3 exhaust pipes of FK8 but improved with the middle tube with a bigger mouth than a little bit of a remarkable feature of the new car is the wind wing after the GT type, a little "conservative "Moreover than large structures often seen on FK8.Honda Civic Type R 2020No specific images of interior, but hope new models will be similar to Civic Hatchback ordinary, adding sports seats and a few In detail Type R. Honda has not disclosed any parameters of the drive system, but many people believe that the sixth floor gearbox will be a standard equipped. Many rumors of Honda Civic Type R 2023 will be Equipped with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, producing a capacity of 306 horsepower and similar 400 nm torque on FK8. However, there are rumors that the new Civic Type R will apply a four-wheeled hybrid drive system with an electric motor for a capacity of 395 horsepower. By Tu Vu, 11 hours ago

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