Honda Cr-v Lost ‘fragile’ Mazda Cx-5 In The Market – With Only 5 Things, Honda Cr-v Has A Battle Swap?

Honda CR-V with 330 Mazda CX-5 loser cars with 332 vehicles.02: 00/1: 55 South Vietnam, Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA) has announced sales of cars In Vietnam market. For the SUV / CUV class segment, Mazda CX-5 returned to the highest podium with 332 cars sold. Meanwhile, the fellow countryman is Honda CR-V Ranked 2 with 330 vehicles delivered to customers, ie Poor Mazda CX-5 only 2 cars. When sales in September this is still an unable to say Previously, Honda CR-V still intact outstanding points, is a huge advantage for Honda CR-V to compete with Mazda CX-5

. Looking at the operations, which can be found that Honda is Direction of your C class CUV for sports feelings. The most visible is to move the sporty number after the steering wheel. With the origin of F1 racing models, the number of racing shifts after the steering wheel helps the driver to move faster and more convenient, do not need to leave the hand from the steering wheel
VTEC of Honda. This engine block has a 'number of horses' equivalent to Mazda CX-5 but the difference comes from the characteristics of the turbocharged engine: the number of large torque at a low turbine strip. Indeed, the Honda CR-V's four-cylinder engine blocks gives up to 240nm torque in a tassel band from 2000 rpm to 5000 rpm. The same motorboat blocks are gearbox CVT stepless, different from the automatic 6-level gearbox of Mazda CX-5. Compared to granted gearboxes, the PULIs in the CVT gearbox can change the transmission ratio very smoothly, bringing the advantage when moving in the street. Added into it, configuring 5 2 seats and the whole sun The scene is also comfortable features that are very suitable for inner city moving styles. While configuring 5 2 seats to increase the pragmatic, the panoramic sunroof extends to the second seats bringing a widely and airy feeling. Japanese

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