Honda Sh 350i Cake Rolling Price Is Coming To Shelves In Vietnam

After adding the listed price with taxes and fees; Honda SH 350i 2021 has the lowest rolling price of 153.4 million VND in Vietnam market.0: 00/3: South Vietnam - Video Honda SH 350i roller price. Source: Cartimes.00: 00/02: 39 Honda Sh 350i 2021 image is quite similar to SH 125I and SH150i

. This senior car model has a fairly modern and delicate design. SH350i is shaped as an inner city that carries in its outstanding power but still ensures flexibility, comfort when moving.Honda SH 350i 2021 is 2,160x743x1,162 mm in turn, muscle length Department of 1,450 mm, weight of 172 kg
805 mm saddle height, 132 mm roaring bright, radius turning at least 2.2 m. The 9.3-liter fuel tank capacity. The head car impresses the LED headlights and chrome borders of U-shaped motifs. Taillights also use LED shadows. The clock cluster is 2 LCD screens that show the fuel level, temperature, time, total moving route, Smart Key. USB-type charging port is arranged at the car..Honda SH 350i 2021
Honda SH 350i 2021 uses a short-term shock with a 35 mm diameter, shock absorber after a pair of double pillars. The rim of 16 inch diameter. Both channels use a single with a 256 mm size, integrating the anti-lock braking system (ABS). The power of Honda SH 350i comes from the SOHC 4 engine, single cylinder with a capacity of 330cc, cooling By electronic solution, spraying gasoline. This engine produces a capacity of 28.8 horsepower at 7,500 rpms / minute, maximum torque of 31.8 nm at 5,250 rpm. This engine meets Euro 4. The gasoline consumption in the mixture of Honda SH 350i is 3.54 liters / 100 km. This senior car model is equipped with traction control system (HSTC). HSTC helps to detect any differences in the speed between front wheels and wheels after moving cars in smooth lines, thereby calculating the slip rate, controlling the engine's torque , regain the hamlet for the rear wheels. My Honda application on the smartphone running iOS and Android operating systems is developed with features such as call notifications, SMS / SNS on screen clock , at the same time, customers can read all vehicle information such as operating status, fuel consumption, parking history, repair, maintenance, warranty, information of new products or Events of HVN, monitoring custom fuel consumption. On September 22, Honda SH 350i will be officially sold in Vietnam market for 145.99 million VND for high-end version (white, Red). Sports versions (black gray) cost VND 147.49 million).

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