Honda’s Completely New Mpv Model Is About To Launch, Wide Road To Vietnam ‘fight’ Mitsubishi Xpander

Honda's new MPV form will launch Southeast Asia market in November here, wide road to Vietnam Mitsubishi Xpander. After revealing many images of MPV Honda N7X, Honda Indonesia said firm It will officially introduce this model in November in the domestic market. The emergence of Honda N7X promises to create a new fever in the MPV segment and compete with Mitsubishi XPander.Honda N7x will be released in November. After Indonesia, Honda N7X will also soon dock Other Southeast Asians, including Vietnam

. The introduction of Honda N7X in Southeast Asia is considered a strategic step of the Japanese automaker by a long-term MPV segment that has been considered a fertile land of many cars.Honda N7X is a replacement car model. For Honda BR-V
honda N7X is said to be a replacement model for the Br-V line to be released in 2015. Not long ago, Japanese automaker has also registered industrial copyright for Honda N7X in Indonesia. . Through the original images, it can be seen that the overall design of Honda N7X still has many similarities with the predecessor of the Honda N7x's premises of industrial protection. The first part of the car and the main lamp, as well as the Honda N7x grille is quite similar to the new generation Honda Civic model and the previous and later lamp cluster is similar to the Honda N7x line will compete with Mitsubishi Xpander.Theo Some sources, Honda N7X will provide Indonesian consumers to 2 seating configurations, including 5-seater versions and 7-seater versions. Besides, Honda's new MPV sample will also have two engine options as a 1.5L volume gasoline engine and 1.5L capacity diesel engine
Going along with these two engine options is the floor gearbox and a 6-speed automatic transmission.Honda N7X will likely soon to the Vietnamese market. When the Honda N7x will compete directly with names like Mitsubishi XPander or Toyota Innova in the Indonesian market. At the present time, Mitsubishi XPander is a popular MPV model in many Southeast Asian markets thanks to the youthful design with high practices. In order to be able to compete with Flat with Mitsubishi Xpander, Honda N7x is forced to own more impressive pages or more attractive selling prices.

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