Honda’s Ultra-small Camping Car

N-Van Compo is a version that is upgraded from Honda's small MPV line with many equipment for picnic, camping.Honda has just announced the image of N-VAN COMPO, a camping model Trade from small MPV n-valves. Honda N-Van Compo's upgrade is expected to be introduced with two other multi-purpose cars, Honda N-Box and Honda Freed in early October in Japan. The special version of Honda N-VAN, session The COMPO has many equipment to serve picnics and camps. The most significant is the width of the hood, which can be expanded to form a shelter or small tent

. Inside, the space of Honda N-Van Compo is designed into a mobile house with full Utilities needed. The MPV of the Japanese car company has an overall length of nearly 4.4 m in the same wheelbase 2
52 M. The most remarkable equipment is that the bedding set is expandable with an area of about 6 square meters , providing enough space to rest for 2 adults. Attached to that is the grid at the insect side door, helps limit insects to penetrate the cabin when camping in the evening.Honda also provides tent options Ranked on the roof, helps get more rest space for passengers. The ladder is installed at the back door, helping users to access this tent. The rear area of the car compartment can be arranged into a small kitchen with faucets, sinks, microwaves, dining tables ... This is 1 of 3 interior design styles that Honda provides N-Van Compo. In addition, the car owner can choose to add more widespread items such as oven, entertainment screens, shelves
..A stand stand can be opened from the tail side, serving picnics. Japanese car designs multiple cabinets and compartments for n-van compo. Clean water storage is fitted on the tail, providing water for basic cooking or hygiene. In Japan, Honda N-VAN has a starting price of about 15,800 USD for a driving a bridge, Model 4WD and Yes Honda Sensing safety package costs from $ 16,800. Comes with it is the option of gasoline engine 660 CC natural gas with a capacity of 52 horsepower, 660 cc booster engine produces 63 horsepower.

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