Hong Dogs Have Fierce Looks And Ability To Accumulate Toxins

Pink fish dogs are quite fierce species with large fangs. Besides, they do not create toxins but can accumulate toxic substances from Ciguatera toxins in the way of food chain operations. Pink dog with scientific name is Lutjanus Jocu, about 61cm size. They often eat around the seabed cliffs and coral reefs at an average depth of about 100 feet (about 30.5 meters)

. The main veterinary vivia of pink dogs including western Atlantic west from Brazil Florida, rarer than in northern Massachusetts. This fish sounds extremely fierce with large fangs, placed on the above jaw that we can easily see even if their mouth is closed Back. Smaller fish species often become victims by strong bite of this pink fish species, typically such as shrimp, crabs and living species at the bottom of the ocean
Pink dogs carry a bit of behavior of the species Wolf is alone and tends to stay alone for many years. However, in March they will gather into large groups to reproduce and lay eggs in the region in Northeastern Caribbean and near Jamaican Island. These pink fish can be moved in distances Huge to find their herd. When they reach it, they will mix together to mate. Those eggs, after hatching into larvae, will be left to drift freely in seawater, many bad individuals will be swallowed by by Larger predators - but more lucky young children can still survive until they grow up. Vulnerable young children tend to be near the coast and often swim in estuaries. Scientists are still in a deeper study of the gathering of this fish. Especially, dog fish do not create toxic substances but they can accumulate toxic substances from ciguatera toxins in way of operation. Of the food chain. Ciguatera toxins are created by single-celled algae 2 ROI and extremely small algae lying on dead coral reefs or algae
As a child, pink dogs will live on coral reefs and algae. They also consume the amount of toxins in it and transforming alternately to turn into their poison. People ordinary fishermen Because they are considered a nutrient-rich dish. However, it is necessary to be cautious in the processing way. Some diners have to go through mild poisoning from their meat consumption. You can watch videos: Top 10 longest animals of the earth. Source: Yan Newstung Dung (T.H)

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