Hong Kong Efforts To Convert Payment Numbers

E-Voucher Program worth 5,000 Hong Kong Dollars (640 USD) launched by the Hong Kong government (China) has recently promoted strong consumer spending. As other economic policies need time to promote the effect, the distribution of electronic coupons is a fiscal policy that is effective. Some people believe that the use of cash will bring Larger relief package for difficult, low-income communities, but Hong Kong government has considered their cultural characteristics: Chinese people tend to save, meaning the cash spent It is possible to create an increase in consumption as desired. Digital payment is more popular than ever because they are beneficial for both businesses and consumers. E-Voucher initiative is a perfect way for the Hong Kong government to convert to digital payment

. Called as "Asia's world city", Hong Kong could not ignore digital payment methods and related technologies. Military power conversion Number Kong is one of the pioneers about the bar system Maths do not use cash with Octopus card in 1997. Since then, the global payment context has grown to jump while the digital reception process in Hong Kong takes place slowly
Hong Kong launches the program Electronic coupon to stimulate shopping in pandemic. Example, the lack of digital payment options in taxis, traditional market and café (father Chaan Teng) Local in the longer long time The concept thinks that cash is still No. 1 in the city. Cash culture eating deeply rooted, a population does not like new digital payment methods and concerns about privacy and security issues are major barriers to a non-cash society. However, when the Covid-19 pandemic begins, non-contact payment options have been used by many people because of safety. In order to continue to pay cash, Hong Kong must take advantage of the implementation of the coupon program accepted by the people. With the goal of promoting spending and accelerating the economic recovery of the city Pandemic scenes, the registration of electronic coupons began on July 4 and the first phase worth $ 2,000 Hong Kong was distributed to residents and newcomers to Hong Kong qualified from 18 years and older on August 1 through 4 platforms - Octopus, Alipayhk, WeChat Pay HK and Tap

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