Hong Kong People Worn And Wait For “coffin Apartment ‘

During the waiting for the government of social housing, more than 200,000 Hong Kong people were forced to rent a house with a tiny living space for a tiny living space.0: 00/6: 30 namwong ng (born in 1982), a person Airport tablet, knowing that Beijing want Hong Kong (China) eliminates all small, low-quality houses in 2049. However, that ambitious goal is as cold comfort for permanent residence Nhan - Those who have been waiting for 7 years to hire a social apartment, according to SCMP. "Perhaps that goal can be achieved, but many of us can't wait until 2049, 28 years," Wong , currently 39 years old, said. Last March, about 153,300 waiting applicants may rent social houses such as Wong, with an average waiting time of 5

.8 years - the longest in the past 22 years and nearly doubled The service commitment is only 3 years of the housing agency. Also, about 100,500 single people not yet older age are waiting. They even have a lower level of priority
For a social housing apartment for themselves, mostly pay thousands of HKD every month for the smallest living space in Hong Kong.Wong on the side In the 11 m2 apartment, his family hired thousands of HKD every month. Photo: Ky Cheng. Life Life Tinwong came from Jiangxi Province (China) and first moved to Hong Kong in 1988. After that, he stayed in China to study and work in advertising fields. In Shenzhen City, before returning to Hong Kong in 2014.Wong's 4-person family house was a small space of 11 m2. A bunk bed for 34-year-old wife, 13-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter. And Wong slept alone on a single bed. Family had to eat separately because the table was too small
Wong's son does homework on the bed, without a private table. "I returned to Hong Kong because the education system was here better for the children. I don't think the whole family will have to snuggle in such a small apartment, but this is the way we chose, "he told SCMP. The toilet space is narrow in Wong's apartment. Photo: Ky Cheng. Father 2 children said he paid 6,800 HKD / month (874 USD) for rent, plus 700 HKD (90 USD) for other utilities. The shift decrease during a pandemic made Wong's salary is only 9,000 HKD / month. If this situation extends, his family must probably seek a smaller living space. "I hope the government can think of how to reduce the waiting time of social housing", man This sharing "Heaven" house is housing issues that are given priority in the agenda of these cities since Xia Baolong, Director of Hong Kong and Macau Relations Office China coated, promulgating in July to eliminate small houses, not meeting the standards. With demand far beyond supply, some people believe that Beijing's goal will be difficult to achieve, if not wanted Saying it is impossible to achieve, according to SCMP. Small houses, where some of the city's most poor residents live, are only part of the problem. Private supply of private housing is also scarce and high prices, even pretty fake people don't have enough money to buy. Sham Shui Po's Street Po of Hong Kong, where there are many "coffin apartments". Photo: Sam Tsang. Although Covid-19 pandemic has a heavy influence on the economy over the past year, it is almost not much impact on real estate prices. Hong Kong housing price even reaches the highest level in 2 years in May, was promoted by mortgage interest rates and a recovery economy. In June, a private apartment 46.45 m2 wide will be sold at an average price of 9.44 million HKD (more than 1.2 million USD) in Hong Kong Island, 8.32 million HKD in Kowloon and 7 million HKD in New Territories, according to data from the evaluation and valuation room of the city. Outside the ability of most people. On average, each family must save in 20.7 years to have enough money to buy houses, according to the ability to pay for the annual demographia international housing in 2021. The study also ranked Hong Kong as a real estate market The world's most expensive real estate rates make countless people who apply for a social housing rental, or try luck in the housing market subsidized. However, for those who are not eligible to join Family program or without accommodation during the waiting time of social housing, they are forced to rent a house with a tiny living space. In the time of waiting for social housing, families are only way Try to live in a micro apartment. Photo: Tyrone SIU / REUTERS. Save your life to buy a home economist Vera Yuen Wai-han from Hong Kong University's business school, said the demand for housing has no signs of relaxation, and mainly comes from People who are looking for houses for themselves. In the market cooling measures, including different types of stamps applied in the past decade, have discouraged speculators and investment Foreign and enterprise, new demand continues to put pressure on supply.

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