Hooray, Toyota Raize Started To Sell In Vietnam

The company called an urban SUV, but the best it was a CUV. This is not just a beautiful, comfortable car, but also a strong change in Toyota Vietnam's product introduction.0: 00/2: 26 Nantoyota Vietnam domain is very fast when soon announced This car in front of the other opponent sonet, it is expected to debut in October. The smaller segment of the class B Crossover cars is currently rich. Launched early, selling early is the advantage

. Currently, the official price has not been announced, it must be waiting to see the move from opponents Sonet. However, according to information from agents, car prices are about 500 to 550 million VND. This price is considered to be quite faithful with the pages listed below
Toyota Raize with the eye-catching design of a high roar, Toyota Raize can also get guests from the current Sedan cars, Hatchback class B current. Even other vehicles, including Grade A CUV as Hyundai Casper later sold will not be easy to compete. Get examples, Raize has a shorter total size, but Raize's base length and luggage compartment are significantly larger than the Yaris is also importer that is significantly more expensive. This has many remarkable points. Safety system consists of blind spot warning (BSM), warning horizontal vehicles when reversing (RCTA) and other standard safety features such as reversing cameras, 4 previous sensors

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