Horrifying Lightning Carts On High Speeds And Rainy Season Warning

After being lightning in the head of the car, the driver cannot boot to continue moving instance.02 / 1: 33 south of the horrifying horror to happen at a highway in Ningbo City ( Zhejiang, China). Photos from the video showed that the car was moving in the heavy rain, suddenly a lightning suddenly hit straight into the front of the car's driver Zhang.Theo Word of this man, when lightning hit the head Car, I have to brake the car folded to stop on the road. However, then, it cannot be restarted, the right light is broken and the itinerary camera is also broken

. Fortunately Zhang is not in danger of life. See video: / Many people still conceive only ride a new motorbike can be struck by lightning, but cars can also encounter this situation. However, if the car is struck by lightning, the person sitting inside is also difficult to be affected
Cars are designed based on the principle such as Faraday cage. This cage works based on the principle that the total electromagnetic school in cages is equal to 0. If it is the current, it will go around the cage, does not affect the object inside so the inside of the cage is not transmitted. Unfortunately hit, the electric current will transmit around the car until it touches the resemblance to the activity of the torthern column. However, experts say that, when moving with rain and big storms with lightning, the car owner Should retake a place, avoid stopping under a tree or near Iron with bicycles like bicycles, a shovel ... best shutdown and waiting for the rain will continue to move. Binh An (according to newsflare) you have Has each have a heart attack when driving? Please share videos, information to motorbike cars according to email: otoxemay@vietnamnet.vn
The appropriate content will be posted. Thank you!

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