Horror Columns Of Smoke Shot Up From Volcanoes After More Than 22,000 Seismic Battles

A volcano from Cumbre Vieja National Park in the south of Spain's La Palma island has been operating on Sundays, erupting lava and multi-smoke nozzles, ash into air instances (00/3 : 01 Southern fire of La Palma island in the Atlantic Ocean of Spain erupts on Sunday after a week of seismic activity. Photo: Aptheo News News 24 Leads information from the Islands government, the authorities began to evacuate sick people and some cattle from the surrounding villages before the eruption occurred on a slope with a lot. Trees in the Cabeza de Vaca area at 3:15 pm Sunday. Before, a richter earthquake was recorded before the eruption occurred when the vibration from seismic activity was sensitive Get on the surface. After the eruption occurred, the city was accumulated to evacuate about 1,000 people when the lava line crept to the house isolated on the ridge and calling for residents "very cautious" , and stay away from this area as well as out of the roads

. The people of nearby villages are required to one of the centers to evacuate. Soldiers have been deployed to help. Spanish teleport shot the lava nozzle shot up the sky and can see the smoke from all over the island
There are more than 22,000 shaky games this week in the area Area Cumbre Vieja - one of the most active volcanic areas in the Canary Islands. There are currently no reports of injuries or deaths due to the erection of Mariano Hernández, the head of La Palma Island, told the Canary Islands TV that has five eruptions, including two magma eruption points. The dust saw from the crater is erupting in La Palma. Photo: AFC News ABC News reported, the eruption occurred in an area called Cabeza de Vaca on the west side of the volcanic ribs and the lava flowing down the coast. The red rays can be seen at the bottom of the black sparks shot up in the air. A black lava line has a pointed head to a number of houses in El Paso village. Mayor Sergio Rodríguez said that 300 people are in danger immediately have been evacuated from their home and sent to El Paso.la Palma ball, with a population of 85,000 people, one of the eight islands of Canary Islands of Spain off Africa's west coast. At the closest point to Africa, they are 100 km away from Maroc (60 miles) .itahiza Dominguez, head seismic of the Spanish National Geological Institute, told local television RTVC that even too Early to say how long this eruption will last, but "previous eruptions on the Canary Islands last weekly or even monthly"
Flush up in Cumbre Viegja volcano on La Palma island in Canaries , Spain. Photo: Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sáchez canceled a trip to New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly to the Canary Islands. The Science Department of the Volcanic Risk Prevention plan said the earthquake Stronger "can be perceived and can cause damage to buildings." The Expert Committee also noted that a segment of the southwest coast of the island is at risk of landslides and falling rocks. The last eruption on the Canary Islands occurs underwater off the island El Hierro 2011, lasts 5 months. The earliest volcanic eruption was recorded in La Palma took place in 1430, according to the Spanish National Geographic Institute (Ing). In 1971, a man was killed when taking photos near the lava stream when the volcanic erupted, but did not have the property damage of people in the region. Dong Han

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