Horror Dishes, Who Doubts Are Irresistible ‘national Moist’

Horror dishes like a mixed mixture of suicide shall look only clams. But once anyone tasted it, it would be delicious to be difficult to resist. If in a strange country, served horrible dishes like a mixture of this mix, do you dare to touch the plate? Especially when inside again As a mixed mixture of such a magazine. This is the Haggis, which is considered a "moist national". The reality of how to make this dish is quite similar to Vietnam

. For being to take advantage of the removal parts of sheep, as well as for long preservation, should stuff into the sheep stomach, boiled ripe. The main components in the Haggis dish including the heart, liver and sheep lungs will be minced Onions, oatmeal and spices. People can add sheep fat to increase rise
All after mixing will stuff into the sheep stomach and tie tightly. Haggis looks big and more stretched than the cultivation of Vietnam. It is usually boiled for 3 hours to ripen and have a tension. , like pigs with pigs, dishes are also cut into small slices. People often eat with mashed potatoes, to create a scottish flavor. Looking through the food that looks pretty "hard", but once Into the mouth, the fatty taste of the type of sheep organs make you want to eat non-stop. So sometimes don't look for your face and catch you, there are shaggy surfaces but once tried , it is difficult to resist. You read Video: How to Roast Delicious Rice It's hard to resist.

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