Horror Of The Smell Of Toilet Smells But Extreme Attractions In Korea

Hongeo is a unique Korean specialty, it is made from stingray meat then thin and eating live. Many people believe that the smell of Hongeo is the smell of the toilet. With the character of the characteristic of the smell ..

. toilet, stingray ferment (Hongeo) is classified as one of the most unpleasant foods in the world Korea specialties made most visitors must make their head shaking their heads right away. Especially, the rotten smell of this dish also "swing" on your clothes, skin or hair even when Eat finished. To do Hongeo, people put the stingrays into cold storage, preserving for about a month and waiting for the most horrible smell fish
To when it can be used, rays will emit the type of thick smell Seamless like urine. At that time, people used to go to thin slices and eat live. When enjoying, Hongeo brought a great feeling of tough pastes, meat meat, hard cartilage suitable for hybrid with favorite drinks. The taste of this horror dish is so terrible to be like a stench in public toilets. However, Hongeo's attraction still did not decrease; Every year, people people consume up to 11,000 tons of fish. Not only impressed with a strong stench, Hongeo also made a mark in a simple position that still achieved high artistic value. Here, people combine Hongeo with peppers, small shrimps, lived garlic, kimchi and interspersed with a few slices of boiled pork. For familiar customers with Hongeo's hard-to-smell taste, no problem . However, for those who first tried to courage with the food, it easily fell into the situation of vomiting despite it even near his mouth. Gourmet said Hongeo should be eaten immediately after the oven
Trying to make them less smells only make them feel the food is no longer attractive as before. Even, many people enjoy the natural flavors of raze fermented by breathing their taste in a way satisfy with nose and mouth. Photo: Internet. The readers watching videos "All Vietnamese delicacies suddenly collected their babies with their fingers". Source: VTV24.

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